Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Floating Down the River Snot

(sung to the tune of Jingle Bells)
"Dashing through the rain. With a couple of sick sick kids. Into the stores we go. Coughing all the way (cough cough cough). Kleenex is a must. To wipe that snot away. Cuz if we don't it just builds up big boogers in our nose. Oh! blow blow blow, blow blow blow, blow your runny nose! Oh what fun it is to float down a river made of snot!"

My kids both have colds and man - ! the snot it is a-flowin'! They're cranky, whiney, tired and clingy. 'Tis the season, eh? It's not terribly bad, just mildly annoying. They don't have fevers and aren't barfing, so I figure we're ahead of the game. It's just the ever-present drip of snot coming out of their noses (and inevitably ending up on ME somewhere) and the unpleasant mood side-effects that really gets to me.

Today has been weird. I had planned to play at our indoor playground, Tiny Tots, and then hit the grocery store (we're woefully understocked currently). I got to the playground by 9:45am but the kids weren't feeling like playing and only wanted to sit ON me. We could do that at home, for the love of pete! Get off me! And Nicholas is crying at the drop of a hat these days - that gets so old I could scream. Seriously. So, of course, something happens that makes him cry and I ask him to sit on the couch with me so he could chill and calm down. He does, and then he falls asleep! Before 11am. At a noisy playground. I was stunned. And then I notice that Lauren is rubbing her eyes and acting tired, too. What gives? They both got normal amounts of sleep last night. But so be it. I wrestled them into their coats and got them loaded up in the car and off we went towards the grocery store. Not 3 minutes out of the parking lot and I see that Lauren is already fast asleep in her carseat. Nicholas is awake, but barely. The grocery store would clearly have to wait and I drove home. The kids were napping by 11am today when normally they don't go down, if at all, until closer to 2pm. Obviously they're fighting something. Some bug. I just hope it remains mild and doesn't morph into something nasty. We have a BIG weekend ahead with my mother's surprise party and I DO NOT need sick kids during that. No way.

Added to the mix is my, ahem, monthly visitor, which just adds to the BLAH factor around here. Wanna party? And Mr. Chick is having to work an extra day this week because it's year end, blah blah blah, so I'm pulling extra-long hours as well.

The good news? I'm almost finished making everything for Christmas presents. It's been a steady few weeks of making stuff, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. And? I'm being potentially tapped to return to the Board of Directors for the indoor playground co-op, Tiny Tots (see above), as the president because they "need a strong leader" and thought of me! I'm taking it as a compliment. I've already been brainstorming what I think needs to be enacted to spark new life and build a strong community. The meeting is tomorrow night but I wont' be able to attend because tomorrow is MR. CHICK'S 34th BIRTHDAY! He doesn't work and we'll have the whole day to enjoy as a family. Normally he requests a German chocolate cake, made entirely from scratch, but this year he's breaking from tradition and wants a decadent, rich chocolate torte-type of cake. I'm in search of a good recipe so I can make that for him. He deserves it.

And now that the kids are finally awake I can make that run to the grocery. The big question is whether or not I take Nicholas to his final swimming lesson tonight! He "claims" his cold is all-gone after his nap, so I know he's feeling better... decisions decisions!

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