Thursday, December 29, 2005

Couldn't Resist...

Got a few requests to show the mother of all Vegas rings, so here goes. Again, let me emphasize, my camera sucks ass (maybe a new one next Christmas?) and cannot take up-close, detailed pictures. They turn out blurry.

Without further ado, The Ring (you might want to shield your eyes lest they burn):

I'm sure some of you are saying to yourself, "hey, that's not so bad. What is she thinking bashing a lovely ring like that?" TRUST ME when I tell you that the unanimous assessement of this ring is that it is quite a stretch to say this ring is pretty. A big stretch. A stretch a mile long. People tried - they really did - to come up with nice, diplomatic things to say about this ring when they saw it. I got comments like, "Wow! I've never seen a yellow diamond before." and "Well, maybe it looks better on. [pause to put ring on]. Nope." and "Maybe you can re-design it - there is a lot to work with here." and "Your father-in-law must think very highly of you" (which he does, for which I am grateful). See? It's hard to find nice things to say about it. What the pictures DON'T show is the unique way the scrolls at the top and bottom lift up. Yes, up, like wings. They don't lie flat. Now, I'm sure a little lift might be necessary to allow for finger flexing with comfort and to avoid the tips from digging into your knuckles, but the lift of these beauties defy gravity. Sure, it LOOKS flat in the 2-dimensional picture, but this ring is anything but. It catches on everything. I think the best thing that can be said about this ring is that it's shiny. It shines and sparkles A LOT. Beyond that - it's ugly and shall rarely, if ever, be worn.

Unless I'm in Vegas for a girls weekend and I'm feeling particularly blingy.....

Yeah, you took a pic. Your right, it is goddy and very "'Vegas'ess" (new word).
I like your idea though, just tuck it away in your box. It really was a nice thought.

P.S I forgot to say how JEALOUS I am about your mixer. I've been craving a lavendar one for ages.
Okay, I'm going to be one of those naysayers that tries to say the ring ain't so bad.... But then, I kept reading and read that the ends are not flat?!??! What is that?

It is definitely bling-y. I don't know, maybe when you're older and more blind, you'll love it - it's so dang shiny!

Seriously, though. What a generous gift. Maybe your daughter will love it when she's older....
LMAO about the ring. A generous fil indeed. I agree with Holly, maybe you'll wear it when you're old and eccentric?????? It does look like something my grandma would wear and do keep in mind that you're fil is older. A very thoughtful gift though, it's a shame it wasn't ONE BIG yellow diamond!!
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