Sunday, November 20, 2005

She Went Down Fighting

Lauren decided to boycott napping today. So, after she refused to eat her dinner (a yummy concoction of Sloppy Joe's whipped up by Mr. Chick), we sent her to her room to wait until the rest of us were finished eating. A few minutes later we went to check on her, and this is what we found:

It's like she carefully selected the most pathetic spot and meticulously positioned herself for maximum impact upon discovery. I'm probably giving a 2 year old too much credit, but still - ! Doesn't it seem that way to you?? Of course we couldn't let her stay there, under her table, tempting though it was. It was simply too late for her to be snoozing or bedtime would be in jeopardy. And we absolutely CANNOT mess with bedtime. So Mr. Chick picked her up and is cuddling with her on the couch while I went to go post this.

On a completely unrelated subject, I went and saw the new Harry Potter: The Goblet Of Fire movie today. All.By.Myself. It was lovely to get some time alone, in a crowded theater. It's so rare that I get to see a movie on the big screen. Having recently discovered the magic that is Harry Potter, I was excited about this film. And it was really good! They did a great job of turning an 800 page book into a 2.5 hr movie. Only a few little things were left out or minimized. The special effects were amazing! And it's fun to see the actors mature in the movies the way Harry does in the books. They are smack-dab in the middle of awkward adolescence, and you just HAVE to feel for them. Some of that stuff really took me back and gave me a few chuckles in the movie. You won't want to miss this one!

How cute is that?!?!
Oh, so cute!!
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