Tuesday, November 01, 2005

How Do You Spell Success?

C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E B-O-O-T-Y!! Is there any other way?

Like millions of other kids, my two pulled in quite a haul last night doing their trick-or-treating best. We got a semi-late start waiting for Mr. Chick to get home from work, but made up for lost time right quick. Oddly, despite having several costume selections, my two ended up going as the exact same things they were last year. I guess we're not very original.... Nicholas dressed as a super-hero (of a rather generic nature, but ostensibly Batman if the emblem on his shirt is to be believed) during the day and Lauren wore a gigantic cape everywhere we went, but for the actual trick or treating festivities Nicholas wore the same pumpkin costume he picked out last year, and Lauren was Blue's Clue's. Again. Whatever - they were thrilled and that's all that matters. Hell, I recycle the same tired old witch outfit each year, why can't they do the same?

It was funny watching Lauren trick or treat for the first time. She had no trouble keeping up with Nicholas as he scampered from one house to the next. She insisted on carrying her pumpkin bucket by herself, no matter how heavy is got as the evening wore on. She isn't able to actually say "trick or treat" yet, but would give a hearty "tank oo!" while simulaneously making the "thank you" sign and then wave bye-bye after each stop. At one house the nice lady asked Lauren if she could say trick or treat like her brother and Lauren, in true little sister form, simply pointed at Nicholas, clearly indicating that he was the designated speaker of the magic words. We did two blocks before the rain started and we had to go home, but two blocks is more than enough candy for our entire family for the next year.

Like all kids, my two promptly dumped out their buckets immediately upon getting home to check out their haul. I fully expected Nicholas to be very rigid about making sure he knew what candy was his and what candy belonged to Lauren. But in a surprise move, he immediately consolidated ALL the candy into one big pile and then began to sort through it. He likes to make matches and the candy pile provided lots of match-making opportunities. I allowed the kids 3 pieces of candy each and Nicholas took his time trying to decide the 3 best choices for himself whereas Lauren simply grabbed a sucker and a couple of Smarties and called it good. She devoured the Smarties like a starved lioness - I think she managed to shove the entire roll into her mouth before chewing a few times and swallowing. It was truly a sight to behold.

In between rounds of kids trick or treating at our house, Nicholas lined up all the matched candy, creating a virtual chocolate highway. It's a beautiful thing.

It's very important to sort through and group all like candy after trick or treating. Like, duh!

The endless chocolate highway... stretching as far as the eye can see... my hips and ass are already in trouble!

The fave's, neatly lined up.

The chocolate river continues all the way into the kitchen and on into next week.. Posted by Picasa

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