Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Great Slurpee Adventure

"Mama, I've been a good boy. Can we go get a Slurpee?"

"Yes, if you take a quick nap." (I'm not above bribing my kid)

::: nap time :::

"Mama! I'm so excited because we get to go get a Slurpee because I took my nap!" (said the split second his eyes opened after his nap)

"Aw nuts, Mama. My bike is broken and now I can't ride it to go get a Slurpee "

"Let's walk there. We'll bring Abby (the dog) and see if Hannah (neighbor friend) wants to go, too"

We get all the way to the 7-11 without major incident, making up for a lackluster start with the bike breaking and all. The kids get Slurpees and we head back. Cue whining.

"Mom! I'm not the leader and I want to be the leader and Hannah is the leader now but she can't be the leader anymore. I want to be the leader!!"

"Maaammmmaa! Waa! My Slurpee fell down! Oh no! "

"Mom! My hands are cold and I don't want to hold my Slurpee anymore. You hold it"

"Mama! Wait for me! My hands are cold. You aren't waiting for me! Hannah is still the leader and I want to be the leader. Are you keeping my Slurpee safe? When are we going to get home so I can get warm?"

"Keep walking, Nicholas. We're almost there"

"Mama, I want to go in the hottub when we get home. You're not waiting for me, Mama. Do you think Santa will bring me a Slurpee machine for Christmas? If I don't get a Slurpee machine I'm going to be really sad. I love Slurpees. My hands are cold. Why did my bike break? How come Lauren gets to be carried? Did Lauren finish her Slurpee? Why is Hannah still the leader?"

"Because you're walking slower than molassas. Speed it up."

"Mama! Wait for meeeeee!"

finally arriving home and getting into the house a litte more than an HOUR after we left on what was supposed to be a fun, quick little walk to the 7-11, during which my child seemed to complain and whine the majority of the time.>

"Mama, I love you. You're the best Mama. I had so much fun going to the store for a Slurpee. Can we do it again tomorrow?"

WTF??! Gotta love being 4.

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