Friday, November 18, 2005

Faith Restored

Remember my bitching about the deplorable state of sending a proper Thank You? And remember my crocheting this cute dress for a friend's daughter's first birthday? Remember how I said that I was willing to overlook a lapse in good manners because I know my friends to be good people? Well, I'm certainly glad I did. I'm a believer in 2nd chances. Of having faith in my friends. But, you know, once bitten twice shy...

Well, I received this in the mail yesterday. A proper thank you note!! AND she'd called me on the phone the day she received the package in the mail to say thanks and gush all over the place. It was very gratifying. :) And appropriate. That's how it SHOULD be done, people. Take note. Now excuse me while I go write out the thank you note's I owe the friends and family who came to Lauren's 2nd birthday party. They MUST go in the mail today or I'll never forgive myself.

YOu do have talent! I would love to crochet, but it isn't my talent... Give me beads and the things to make jewelry and I am at home!

Beautiful Gift. You have a great talent.
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