Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Crushed or Boosted?

I don't know whether to feel totally HOTT, or totally NOTT.

A friend of mine - no, let me rephrase that - a skinny friend of mine (whose not even 30 yet, so bah!) just dropped off a pair of cool-looking black micro-cord, boot-cut stretch Calvin Klein pants for me. Because they were too big for her. So she thought of me. I guess I'm the fat(ter) friend. Except? They're size 8. EIGHT!! And I hafta believe that's total bullshit, because my ass is sooo a size 12 these days, so this is one mis-marked pair of 8's. But the tag still says 8, so that counts, right? I'm psyched that it does - my ego needed that even though my logical self knows it's misleading as hell, but on the other hand, they were given to me because they're too small for my friend and she thought they would fit me. In other words, I'm big. At least, bigger than her. And I've been feeling really big these days. Very muffin-topped. It's getting worse as my ability to exercise with regularity diminishes. So, has my ego been crushed or boosted? I don't know. But the bottom line is I have a new pair of pants!

And I am so totally getting some cool shoes to wear for all the holiday events this year now that I don't have to spend money on new pants.

Woohoo! Enjoy those new pants! If you are like me, I have pants ranging in sizes from 8 to 12 too. One thing I have found to make me look better in the tighter pants are the kind of underwear that looks like bike shorts. No panty lines at all, keeps you looking smooth. Just make sure that the band that goes around your thigh is thin so it doesn't show through the pants. I bought some at Target that I really like. I get so many compliments on looking great when I wear those underpants with slimmer pants. I'm older than you are so I'll take whatever I can get lol!
Like Alicia said-- Wooohoo on the new pants! They sound REALLY nice! :) Great excuse to go out and buy a new shirt and shoes to go with it. ;)
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