Monday, November 28, 2005

Big Shocker (Not)

We all saw it coming, right? Even if you DON'T believe everything you read, when there is so much of it all over the place, the seeds get planted. If you're like me, you pretty much only get to read the trashy tabloids and other celebrity-oriented mags in the grocery store checkout lines (in between keeping the candy display intact and preventing a child from escaping, that is).

I don't get expanded cable so I never saw their reality show "Newlyweds". But even if I did get that channel I probably wouldn't have watched it. Nick and Jessica have always sort of turned me off. I'm not sure why. Maybe it was because it seemed that everything they did was calculated for maximum exposure and career boosting. And didn't she just seem, oh I don't know, indulged in every way? Sort of like Veruca Salt: spoiled. "Daddy, get me a record deal" "Daddy, let me get married" "Daddy, I want a TV variety show - get it for me NOW!" I'm sure she's a nice person, and she's laughing all the way to the bank, but I'm so over her/them. Not that I was ever into them in the first place, mind you. But like a lot of us, I do enjoy celebrity-watching.

But despite it all, I get sad when marriages end. Sure, Jessica was young young young when she got married. And yes, they both had a lot of demands on their time from their chosen careers. And add public scruntiny to the mix, and, well, it's hard. But ALL marriages are hard, celebrity or otherwise. You have to make the choice to put your marriage first over career. Inviting the public into your private lives and relationship cannot help. The only saving grace here is that they did not have children, unlike the other blonde bombshell disaster-waiting-to-happen train wreck we all can't help but watch with a mixture of disgust and fascination. I don't predict a golden anniversary for those two. Does anyone? It's sort of sad, in a way, how these two talented girls both seemed to rush into marriages. Why? What were they looking for? What weren't they getting in their lives that they felt the need to get married? Of the two grooms, I think Nick was a much better choice than Kevin, who makes my skin crawl. One word: Ewww! But in spite of my personal opinions, I hope they do make a go of it purely for their son (nevermind the fact that nasty Kevin didn't do that with his other baby-mama who has 2 of his kids... not exactly a stellar track record).

I'm sure we'll all hear a lot more from the world of celebrity since our culture can't get enough of it - me included. I just hope that up-and-coming starlets/singers/celebrity wannabe's pay attention to the atrocious divorce statistics coming out of Hollywood and think twice before jumping into something. Marriage should NOT be taken lightly no matter who you are. Period.

I'll admit it... I'm a celebrity gossip whore. I even get "Us Weekly" magazine.

I'm with you... for some reason, it makes me a little sad. I think they probably would have made it, had it not been for the insta-fame and the money that came along with it.

I mean, how does a girl who saves herself for Nick until marriage end up getting a divorce just 3 years later? It seems wierd to me.
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