Friday, October 28, 2005

Time Warp

Ok, I'm a little freaked out right now. Freaked out at myself. I just finished putting our dinner in the oven, and people - our dinner involves the words casserole and cream of mushroom. You heard me: a chicken & rice casserole with cream of mushroom/chicken soup. VERY 1950's. I must be channeling Betty Crocker or something. I don't normally do creamy sauce-based sort of cooking. We're more stir-fry people. Olive oils vs. butters. Fresh veggies vs. frozen or canned (yes, there are frozen vegetables involved in the casserole as well). So this meal is a total throwback. Essentially I had to dig deep into the "reserves" because my grocery supply is woefully low. I'm not sure what possessed me to concoct this meal. The only thing "modern" about it was the pull-top can lids they have nowadays, and the fact that I pulled the recipe off the internet. I'm pretty sure my grandma never did that.

But to complete the sense that I'm living in a time warp is the fact that just before dinner I was sitting on my couch with my fuzzy green slippers crocheting. WITH AN AFGAN OVER MY SHOULDERS. Are you getting the picture? Did I become some grey-haired old biddy without noticing? Seriously, all that was missing was me muttering to myself or a cat and shoving a hankie into my cleavage (we'll call it bosom for better effect) or up my sleeve for safekeeping, and making references to the good ol days. I mean, a cream-of-whatever soup based casserole, crocheting, afgan - WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME??! I even have sore knuckles a la arthritis from the tedious crochet I'm currently doing.

Oh yeah, we're TGIF'ing it up over here tonight - whoopee! Wanna come over and party? I think Lawrence Welk starts in an hour and that's about as crazy as I feel I should get in this particular state of mind.

I'm the youngest 80 year old you'll ever meet. Shoot me.

Did you happen to put "rouge" on your cheeks today too?lol. I think we all have those moments when "comfort" is the word of the day. It sounds like today was your day. Don't panic yet. You haven't bought the "clapper" yet have you? :P
I must be with you. We go to bed around 9-10 in the evening (i work fulltime) and my family know's not to call after 9pm on weeknights.

This all started when my daughter was born. Maybe you should be a librarin instead of teacher? I'm a teacher hopeful too. ONe day.

Good Luck. I hate anything Creme and mixed together, so no cassarole at my house.

You are not alone here, MP. This week I served a chicken casserole to my family. This one had cream of chicken AND cream of celery. It was a staple in my family, and is one of the meals my son the twig will eat. Maybe it will put some meat on his bones!
Anyway, I have been feeling 'old' lately too. Well as least we don't LOOK 80.
I hope Mr.Chick gets that job in Bend; it sounds like the perfect community. I want to move there after reading your description!
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