Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I guess this is an off-shoot of having a "public" blog, but lately I'm getting all sorts of spam left as comments to various posts. THIS MUST STOP!! I'd really hate to no longer allow comments, although I will if need be. So if you are some nasty-ass spammer leaving these messages for me to come check out your Christian online dating service whatever, GO AWAY. I'm not interested and never will be. However, if you are truly a reader of my blog and have something to contribute, please continue to do so!! I love getting legit comments. It's the unwelcome span that gets my blood boiling. Does anyone else have this happen on your blog? So far I've managed to escape trolls, but spammers? They've found me.

Hi MP...just wanted to tell you that Holly (seekingwoman.blogspot.com, I think) had the same problem. But she was able to put up type of block by blogger asking for a confirmation word. You might want to email her and see if she could help you. :)

Glad you enjoyed your weekend at the lake. Those getaways ALWAYS sound like so much fun!
Hey, I am having the same problem (http://mymomentsintime74.blogspot.com/) at my blog recently. I hardly get any comments and when I do it is from these strangers selling something!! I think that they have some way to post mass comments on a lot of blogs at once. I don't think they go into every blog and type a comment selling their stuff, so I think that unless you have some way to block them or like sandi said, a comfirmation word, you will get the spam. I have yet to try to do this on my blog but would like to, so I can prevent getting this junk as well.
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Sorry you're being hit by the spammers. And they even had the nerve to 'add to' this very post - very persistent!! Grrrr.
MP, there is a way to set up a word confirmation. You cannot post a comment until you type in a group of letters shown. These has totally stopped the spamming on my sisters blog. Just one more step to be able to leave a comment, but it is worth it.
I think I found a way to stop the spam! Taking your suggestions (thank you!) I changed the settings on my blogger account to require commenters to retype a series of letters in order to post. Auto-commenters (aka spammers) cannot get past this - it takes a human to type in the letters. So I hope this is the end of the spam!
MP, I've been offline for a couple weeks and am catching up with you this morning. I laughed out loud when I was reading through your comments on this post and saw the comment from ADMIN. I had gotten a TON of these comments a couple weeks ago and changed my comments settings, as Sandi told you.

And even though I'm not glad YOU were blasted too, I'm happy to know I wasn't the only target for these idiots.

Back to my reading....
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