Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Pics

At this time of year it seems that every mom or family-oriented blog is posting pictures taken at the pumpkin patch. It's a seasonal rite of passage for kids. Never to be outdone, here are our photos, taken yesterday when Lauren and I accompanied Nicholas and his preschool class to a local farm/pumpkin patch. The field trip was complete with a hay ride, a corn maze (from which we never did find the correct exit, choosing instead to create our own and finally get the hell out of there...), lunch, and of course pumpkins. There was also a hay maze (Nicholas was the only kid in his class who could correctly read the sign!) which seemed to be designed for the younger kids, but in reality was scarier than the tall corn maze because it was dark dark dark and small inside the hay bales and no flashlights were provided. Nicholas went in as far as the first turn and then bailed (ha! that was pun-y!). It was a lovely, sunny day - er, morning (the rain came in the afternoon), and fun was had by all. And it totally reinforced why the job of being a preschool teacher has to be one of the hardest ever and there is no way in hell I could ever do it and keep my sanity. No.fucking.way. Not ever. Those people are saints.

Quintessential fall - mountains of pumpkins! Nicholas took this picture. Not bad, eh?

Baby Chicks at the pumpkin patch. Lauren is displaying a typical expression where she tries to suck back her smile and ends up looking shy and/or grumpy. It's cute in it's own way, but I hope it's just a phase or her two-year portrait will be a disaster.

I call this "Lauren poops a pumpkin". Looks about right.

The hay maze that Nicholas was scared to do because it was too dark, but insisted we take a picture of it anyway. Posted by Picasa

Cute! What fun. I'll have to find one around here. I'm obviously missing the boat on the pumpkin patch thing. lol!
So cute - your kids are just adorable.
I love the posed two year old smiles that don't even look like smiles!
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