Friday, October 14, 2005

Just a Little Bit Jealous...

It's never easy to admit that you feel envy. But I do. I feel envious of a friend of mine. You see, Mr. Chick and I really want to move to Bend, but we obviously need a job there before that can happen. I've been raving about Bend and how cool it is there, and now? Now my closest friend here in our town is all but certain they're moving there. A job opportunity sort of landed in her husbands lap so they went and checked it out, fell in love with the town (as I have) and are in negotiations to make the job happen. It's pretty much a done deal - they're just working out the numbers. WAH!! I mean, how cool would it be if we BOTH ended up there?? Too, too cool. She's an awesome friend and I'll be missing her if/when we no longer live in the same place. But if both moved to Bend?? It would be the life I've envisioned for us all wrapped up with the pretty bow to match. A built-in friend and support network in a new town. It would make Bend even MORE appealing. But, and here's the big BUT, Mr. Chick called the law firm with whom he interviewed last week today and spoke to the assistant of the Head Guy. He was unable to speak with the Head Guy himself. When the assistant asked to take a message Mr. Chick said he was calling to follow up his interview. The assistant was all, "Oh! Mr. Chick! The Head Guy has been working on getting a letter out to you. I'll let him know you called." Mr. Chick said her tone was upbeat and friendly. She didn't project doom and rejection at the mention of his name. She didn't give indication of bad news. And yet. And yet a LETTER is never a positive indication of employment interest. If you are interested in a candidate you generally phone them and keep the process rolling until an OFFER is made. Those are the only good letters. And they usually follow a conversation where you pretty much know an offer is forthcoming. And he doesn't think, after one interview, that they're prepared to make an offer. Not yet. So he's predicting doom and gloom. More fuel for the rejection fire is the mere fact that the Head Guy hasn't returned the call and it's almost the end of the day.

The only sliver of hope he's clinging to is that he hasn't received a rejection letter, and those are usually form letters that go out right quick. So... there is still a glimmer of hope. A small glimmer. So small that it makes a 4 watt nightlight look light a spotlight annoucing the grand opening or premier of something important. But a glimmer nonetheless.

So we continue to live in this strange limbo-land, setting our sights on our ideal life-to-be and picturing it in the quaint, friendly, slightly upscale town of Bend, and I have to deal with the fact that my friend is getting her ticket to the show before me. And they weren't even looking to move! So the evil green-eyed monster named Jealously is tickling me and I don't like it. I don't like begrudging my friend this very good, very exciting development. I just wish it could be me. It still might be, but I don't know for sure and I wish I did. That's my problem - the unknown. I guess if we don't end up moving to Bend I'll have another reason to go there - to visit my friend. And that will be fun, too.

As I return to the world of work...temporarily until Jan... I must tell you with a great amount of passion:

I hope everything works out for you guys. I've been to Bend, it's absolutely gorgeous! I can totally understand why you'd want to move there!

Good luck to Mr. Chick. Here's to hoping "the letter" is actually an offer. :)
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