Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fall Feasting

The Chick Family is feasting today with the sights and smells of fall. It's my favorite season. We're having a low-key family day today but I HAD to capture the warmth for posterity. Mr. Chick has spent the morning re-building a fence and gate for the side of our house so he smells faintly of cedar and mud. He's enjoying the physical, manual labor. He took a break from his work to make caramel apples with the kids. It was his idea, his project, his treat. I enjoyed watching the 3 of them construct these delicacies together. That's the soul-feasting for me today, and it was nourishing indeed. While they were assembling yummy caramel apples I was making homemade cheddar chive bread and it's aroma is beginning to waft through the house. And finally, during a lull in the food activities, the kids discovered that there were matching Batman shirts shoved in the back of a drawer and they both HAD to wear them. A small skirmish broke out because we only have one mask, but I'll make another one ASAP. I think we may have decided on Halloween costumes, but it's early still. While I'm posting this the soothing strains of classical music can be heard coming from the stereo, to which the kids are gleefully dancing. It's Nicholas's music of choice these days for his daily Dance Party.

Life is good.

Tasty caramel apples, courtesy of Mr. Chick and the chicklets

Yummy cheddar chive bread I'm making for a ladies potluck hottubbing belated birthday party tonight. It smells delicious! (and the party should be fun, too! More MP soul-food)

The crime-fighting Bat duo. All you villians better watch out! Posted by Picasa

Yum yum!
I'd love the recipe for that bread.... ;)

Sounds like a lovely day. I am sure the party was fun as well.
Holly, the recipe is SO EASY! Here you go:

CHEDDAR CHIVE BREAD (for bread machine): Makes a 1.5 lb loaf

(add ingredients to the bread maker in the order listed and set machine for white bread setting)

1.25 c water
3.25 c bread flour
1.25 c shredded cheese (I used sharp cheddar) - lightly packed
2 tbsp dried chives
2 tbsp sugar
3/4 tsp salt
2 tsp regular active dry yeast OR 1.5 tsp quick acting dry yeast (I had the quick acting version and it worked well)

That's it! Dump it all into the bread machine and let it go to work for you. It turned out very well and I received many compliments on it.

Good luck!
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