Friday, October 07, 2005

Chick Musing...

When recently informed of the pregnancy of Katie Holmes with Tom Cruises' baby, I'm hoping Katie doesn't develop post-partum depression or anything, because I just don't think a new vitamin spiked with Prozac will be on the market by her due date.

Does this impending marriage, and now pregnancy, creep anyone else out? Or is it just me? I sort of have the overriding feeling that it's STILL all a stunt for Tom. Like proving his hetero status and that his boys can swim or something. It just doesn't feel genuine to me for some reason. Am I alone with this thought/impression?

Yes, yes, yes. I was IMing with my cousin when I heard th eblessed news and I think we both said, "ick." Because everything about them is icky. And I used to LIKE Tom Cruise. I thought he was genuine -- HAH! But first the stupidity about depression and then the freakiness over his new girl toy -- turned me off. And does she ever SPEAK. He is going down and taking her with him. Ick.

No, you are not alone in this. I always feel this creepy feeling everytime I see them together. It just doesn't seem right. I can't put my finger on it, but something just isn't right there.
I fell in love with Tom in 1986...a la Top Gun. I wanted to marry a military man ever since. I wanted an active mil. man but I got a post-military one. Oh well love is awesome.

Back to Tom, I honestly think he is genuine. I think he really believe the bullshit about ppd too. I think most men too...except those men like my husband who were the ones experiencing it himself instead of the mommy having it. Either way, I think he loves her. I really think it is all on the up and up even if he made asshole statements about ppd.

That scientology crap has the entire movie star world turned upside down. Yesterday I heard some comments on the radio made by one of the men who was big in scientology (I can't remember his name but he is dead now), and he said, "birth should be a quite occasion and women should be encouraged to scream silently and not distrub the baby by yelling and carrying-on. Obviously he believed in non-medicated births only.

Like I said, the scientology crap has oozed into their brains and their brains are oozing out their mouths.

So, I like Tom, I like Katie and I think they are awesome together. And, I like Tom so much, I can figure that he can have his opinion regardless of how stupid I think it is. He is still gorgeous!
MP, I'm with you. I have to say that I live pretty close to where the "home" of scientology is and it is freaking weird. I think that poor girl has been brainwashed or something - she used to seem so sweet and now she sounds like a girly robot just repeating things she's been programmed to say. DOUBLE ICK on the pregnancy. Wouldn't it be funny if the baby comes out and is black or something? Something that would make it obviously NOT Tom's? That would be funny. Maybe she doesn't even know how she got pregnant. Maybe once when she was getting therapized by the scientologist folks, they did IUI and then programmed her to think she and Tom did it the old fashioned way... Just my musings. She seemed normal before and notsomuch now that she's with him. And while we're on the subject, I didn't think that he was such an idiot until he was yelling at Matt Lauer - maybe they've brainwashed him too - only he's been forced to think he's an expert on things such as PPD, which his first wife obviously didn't have since she wasn't pregnant to begin with.
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