Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bobbed Beauty

I took the plunge: I cut Lauren's hair. Not just a trim, but a full haircut. The back was getting wispy and was essentially two distinct layers. Now, the "Rachel" went out of style a few years ago, so this just would not do. So I sucked it up and cut off that bottom layer, essentially giving Lauren a simple bob haircut. Blunt cut across the back and took off about an inch. Only an inch, but when you're not quite two, and inch is a BIG DEAL and quite noticeable. I've been obsessively checking for even-ness and straightness of my work all day, and it's pretty good, if I do say so myself. I've never been one to think my daughter must have long hair no matter what at the expense of said hair looking neat and trimmed. I'm all about grooming and not length for lengths sake. I think some of the cutest looks for little girls are chin length cuts. But, it makes her face look chubbier. Oh well - she IS chubby! I had to bribe her with corn on the cob to get her to sit still while I did my best hairstylist impersonation, but it worked out ok. She didn't mind a few stray hairs on her corn one little bit! Now her hair is pretty much one length in the back and almost one length on the sides - we've almost put the baby mullet behind us for good (why does the hair in the back grow faster/longer than the hair on the sides for most kids? WHY?!). NOW she's ready for her 2-yr portrait (which I really must remember to schedule asap, along with her 2-yr well-baby appointment...).

Lauren got a haircut! You can see how the sides aren't quite the same length as the back, but they're finally close.

Back view of the bob. She has a hint of a wave on the right side... maybe she'll develop curls like me? They emerged in puberty - what a fun time (NOT!) The left side lays so nicely and cups just right at the bottom, and then this strange flippy wave that seems to be the result of her big-ass colick/hair swirl, giving her a natural side part. My girl will always have the ability to get some height at the crown. Let's hope that's in style when she reaches her teen years of critical hairstyle foundation.

Side view, stylishly tucked behind her ear like the cool baby chick she is. The corn is good, too! Posted by Picasa

Wow she's got great hair. It looks like a beautiful strawberry blond. And you did a great job -- I can't even cut bread. I do Sam's hair with the clippers -- I guess I can't do that with Tess:) Her hair looks quite thick unlike a lot of two year olds out there.

Hey -- I've been meaning to ask you -- do you read Amy Fs blog?


She has a home business knitting soakers etc.

How cute is her hair! I love it. She looks like a little girl and not a toddler.

You did an amazing job!
Very cute. You did a great job.
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