Monday, October 10, 2005

Artists In Residence

I rarely break out the tempura paint because of the hassle and mess. And oh! what a mess indeed! But recently at preschool Nicholas painted a rock and made a "house" for the pet rock he painted. He really dug this activity. And on our walk this morning I happened to pass a giant pile of rocks just perfect for some paint. And the weather this afternoon is absolutely perfect. So I relented and busted out the paint, some Q-Tips, a couple of Mr. Chick's old t-shirts, and let the kids get messy and creative. I even brought out the bag of toilet paper rolls I've been saving for just this sort of occasion. The kids were happily occupied painting rocks and TP rolls for a solid 45 minutes. And really, the patio furniture isn't THAT messy afterwards.... nothing a cleaning can't fix. Plus, the biggest bonus is that I feel really good as a mom for doing this today. Walk/bike ride, impromptu playdate, and rock painting! AND I even planned ahead and prepped a yummy chicken dinner that's been cooking all day in the crock pot. I'm SuperNanny and Martha Stewart all rolled into one today! Huzzah!

Lauren enjoys painting...too much!

Nicholas is more deliberate about painting the TP roll

Lauren is a "full body" artist... note the smudges on her collar, all over the shirt, her hands and even her face. Nicely done!

Nicholas's masterpieces. He's particularly proud of the striped one 2nd from the left. Posted by Picasa

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