Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Things That Annoy Me

I dunno, maybe I'm having an off day. Maybe it's cuz I'm on my period. Maybe it's because it's Wednesday. Whatever it is, today I've found I've been mentally compiling a list of various and sundry things that have annoyed me this week:

~ Having to drag you child kicking and screaming from the park, when there is no clear reason for the kicking and screaming other than suggesting said child ride his bike to the car. Oh the horror - !

~ Remembering to bring a book I had borrowed from a friend to the park in order to return it to her, but not being able to actually give the book back because you were delayed by kicking and screaming child (see above).

~ When you're down to a last few remaining wipes in the soft-sided package they come in and they no longer pull out easily, forcing you to tug and pull and do crazy one-handed jerking motions to get a silly wipe out because your other hand in restraining your daughter from playing with her own poop.

~ Removing old nail polish from your toenails and then having to dig out the nasty gunk that built up on the sides of your big toenail. What is that? Nail lint? It's gross.

~ Forgetting you have a load of wet laundry in the washing machine for several days and having to re-wash them because they started to mildew.

~ Finishing making a diaper cover for your daughter only to realize that it's too baggy in the front to ever hope to fit under clothes and having to do an unattractive alteration which just wasted expensive yarn and ruined to look of the project. Now it looks like oversized boys underwear.

~ Being informed by your husband, after 3 days of solo-parenting, that he'll be home late tonight because HE'S GOING GOLFING AFTER WORK.

~ The painful blister I got last weekend from wearing different, ill-fitting running shoes that has been preventing me from working out all week. I can only wear flip-flops (it's infected).

~ Trying to keep a band-aid on my daughters FACE because she walked in front of a swing before I could stop her and got clocked by the feet of the kid swinging, resulting in a gash on her cheek from a toenail slicing her. Yeah, it's pretty.

~ Nagging my kid to pick up his toys.

~ Hearing "I'm bored" and "I'm hungry" 500 times a day. Are kids NEVER satisfied??!

~ Having to wake up with a jolt because you hear the garbage truck rumbling down your street and realizing YOU have to take the garbage out, a job that is normally your husband's but he's out of town... And you end up inadvertantly flashing your neighbors in your rush to get the can to the curb.

~ My bangs - I'm sort of growing them out and they are at THE MOST AWKWARD length right now - too long to really be bangs anymore yet too short to tuck behind my ears.

~ Realizing that you're down to the last roll of TP in the house when you're on the potty that has run out....

And people? It's only Wednesday.

I was sure of it that I was the only one who sometimes forgets their is a load in the washer! Glad to know I am not the only one after all!

I am SO happy to hear about N doing well with the new preschool! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!


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