Friday, September 30, 2005

A Long Lake Weekend

yay! My parents recently closed on a new lake cabin about 45 minutes north of Portland. At Lake Merwin, for any fellow PNW'ers who might know the area. It's AWESOME! The lake house itself is nice, but it's not palacial. In fact, it's a double-wide. But it's a nice double-wide. It came completely furnished in every way. The family my folks bought it from walked away clean. They left linens, all the furniture, all the kitchen supplies (even cling wrap and cleaning supplies!), washer/dryer, and even a jet ski, paddle boat, and aluminum fishing boat. Plus some water skies and fishing stuff. And a big trampoline and hottub! Even a bunch of kids Disney videos. They left it all. Our whole family is heading up there this weekend - today thru Sunday - for the innaugural stay and to christen the place. You see, it's my Dad's 62nd birthday tomorrow so we're going to the new lake house to celebrate. I'm so excited! My mom is calling it a "work weekend" as there are plenty of projects to do, but we plan on lots of fun as well. I love it when my family gets together (remember, I have 3 sisters, 2 brothers-in-law, 2 nephews and a niece). Unfortunately, my sis and bil who live in San Fran can't be there, and one of my other sisters has to work all weekend so she's sending her family without her. Otherwise, we're all there. Our family likes to play board games, so I'm picturing a couple of evenings with the 5 kids happily watching a video after splashing in the hottub while the grownup's challenge each other to a roaring game of Cranium. Does it get better than that? And of course, the ever-spectacular views of Lake Merwin will be spread out before us. Gorgeous.

So I'm gone for a few, but back on Monday. Take care of yourselves this weekend and have fun! I sure plan to.


I hope your weekend away was wonderful! It sounds like your parents hit the jackpot! Of course, the description could change after you've all spent a weekend there, but I'm holdin' out for the "We had a blast!" post. :)

Take care!
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