Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Last night I experienced a very freaky incident: I passed out. No, not from drinking too much wine or anything... I just plain passed out. This hasn't happened to me since I was in college visiting a sick aunt with my family who was in the hospital. I suspect they had some sort of gas leak, because one of my sisters passed out and collapsed onto the bed in her room, and then I hit the deck out in the hallway. We got the hell outta there! Two kids down within minutes of each other? Not normal.

So last night I was helping Mr. Chick remove a few stitches from his neck. On our trip he had a couple of small moles removed. One of his best friends we visited is a physician and he did the mole removal right there in his dining room. I know - very sterile for minor surgery, right? Doesn't everyone have a buddy who'll cut on your neck for you over beers after dinner? Anyway, it was time for the stitches to come out and this is something I've done before. I'm not a squeamish person and this doesn't creep me out or anything, so I don't think what happened was situationally based. I got the first 3 stitches out just fine but was having trouble with the others ones. The scab was sort of deep making it hard to get at the knots to cut them. I'd had a headache all evening - something that is thankfully rare for me. I'd already been sleeping on the couch for an hour before attempting to pull out these stitches. So I'm delicately trying to get at the tough knots WITH A SCALPEL in my hand (a gift from our doctor friend for just this situation), when I suddenly feel very light-headed. I pause, remove the scalpel from my husbands neck, and tell him I'm having a major head rush. I'm leaning on the counter in our bathroom and he's telling me to take it easy and breeeaaathhhe, and that's the last thing I remember. I completely blacked out. Mr. Chick had to sort of catch me as I went down, and was able to direct my fall onto some throw pillows that were on the floor (because God knows I don't make my bed very often and therefore the decorative pillows more often grace my floor than my bed!). Mr. Chick tells me I wasn't out for very long, but I remember coming to thinking that what I was laying on was SO COMFORTABLE without realizing at first that I was ON THE FLOOR. There was a terribly loud buzzing/ringing in my ears. Mr. Chick helped me onto the bed and told me to lay down for awhile. My face started feeling very hot and sweaty, and then cold. He told me I was as white as a ghost, which sort of freaked him out. The remaining two stitches are still in his neck this morning. I think he's just happy I called attention to what was happening and was able to lower the scalpel before passing out, otherwise he'd likely have another wound that would require stitches!

I have no idea what caused me to pass out like I did. Admittedly, I skipped dinner for lack of appetite, but I've gone without a meal before without something this drastic happening to me. Normally I would just be sort of bitchy because of lower blood sugar, not collapse! I probably didn't drink enough water yesterday, but I didn't exactly feel dehydrated. Just to be safe, I drank a large glass of water before going to sleep, which was immediately. This morning I feel fine. Not shaky, or even hungry. The buzzing/ringing in my ears is gone. No headache. I've eaten breakfast and had my coffee, like usual. So by all appearances, what happened last night was just some bizarre incident. Freaky!

Sorry you passed out, that does sound scary, good thing you had put that scapel down.. I would definetly go and see a doc about this. could you be pregnant. My friend has only passed out three times and each time she was pregnant.

LOL... someone already said it... I was going to say- the only time I've passed out was when I was pregnant. ;)
Bite your tongues, people! We're into pregnancy AVOIDANCE at this point - yikes!! Granted, this has been my first cycle off the pill, but we've been very, very careful. And so far, I'm not experiencing any pregnancy symptoms... but now you've got me worried. OH NO!
How bought a migraine? The ringing in the ears has me concerned about that. Hey, it's better than being PREGNANT!
Keep us posted babe!
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