Friday, August 19, 2005

Pink-Eyed Monster

oh boy, have we been sick. And then some. Our whole family has been decimated by some evil cold that has wiped us out. Mr. Chick and Nicholas have both had fevers. Mr. Chick slept 18 out of 24 hrs the other day. I felt bad for him, but then again, I felt BAD, too. Zero help from him that day. We came up to Portland so I could visit with my friend, but I didn't take Nicholas with me. I quarantined him at my parents and just took Lauren. You see, that morning Nicholas woke up with a pink eye. No goop or watering, but pink where it should be white. Not pretty.

Oh how I debated and wavered about even coming up. I put a call in to my doctor to speak with them about this dilemma. I know pink eye is very contagious, but he didn't seem to have the usual symptoms (not that I've ever dealt with pink eye before). I decided to go and left Mr. Chick behind, useless as he was, to field the call from the dr's office and let me know if I needed to return the next day for an office visit. They said no. My mom, a nurse, said otherwise. She was able to get her hands on the precription antibiotic necessary to treat this ugly disease. I've been having to put drops into Nicholas' eye every 2 hours. He's being pretty good about it. But add to that the fact that he still has a nasty cold, and now Lauren has it, too, and I can't shake it either, and we're not a pretty sight. Needless to say, Nicholas was one pissed off preschooler when he found out we wouldn't be going to Chuck E. Cheeses. I'm washing my hands so often they're raw.

It's both a relief and a nightmare being here at my parents. They're very helpful, as much as they can be, but we're just not on our home turf, y'know? My parents aren't overly judgemental, but I feel like it reflects badly on me when my kids don't behave well. Or when it appears I have no control over them. And when they're sick, they DO NOT behave well. Nicholas is a monster. Very hard to deal with. He's whiney. He's sassing me. He's not listening. He's throwing fits and making life even more miserable than it needs to be. I KNOW he feels like shit, but so do we all. Lauren is so much more well-tempered, even when she's under the weather. It's hard not to compare. I feel like I'm fighting him at every turn. Nothing comes easy with him when he's like this, and I hate it. My temper grows shorter by the minute. My own mother essentially sent me to my room for more "rest" because I was getting too grumpy. You know it's bad when...

So anyway, I've been battling my pink-eyed monster for the past few days and I think I'm starting to win the war. Today is better. My dad is taking him fishing at the local duck pond, and I'm taking Lauren with me to meet a friend for lunch. Then I'm going out for happy hour and appetizers with some fun friends this afternoon. I think a few cocktails will help me get a fresh perspective on things, don't you?

Off to do more battling...

Hope the time away helped some hon!
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