Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pink (eye) Booties

Since I'm in a self-imposed quarantine due to the hideous case of VIRAL pink-eye (saw the doctor - no drops will help. Have to just gut it out for another few days. ICK!), I whipped out these cute baby booties for a friend who is due in a week with baby girl #3. Fast and easy! Each one took me only about 2 hours to make. Of course, I made them for an older baby and they look huge! I just hope the baby can wear them before she's walking or she'll be slip sliding away in these. Seriously, the 9mos size ended up being something Lauren would have *just* outgrown, and she's got enormous puppy feet for her age (wearing a size 7 shoe at 18-20 mos). Oh well, they're cute and hopefully useful. I'm thinking I might need to make sometime similar for ME to wear around the house when the cold weather sets in....

Hi! Just to warn you, a friend of mine was also diagnosed with "viral" pinkeye (how do they determine this?) and suffered with it for over a week before seeing another dr who said drop should be prescribed if the eyes are that bad (lots of discharge, swollen etc). After a day of drops she was so much better. So, if it doesn't get better I'd get them to give you drops. From our experience here, anytime the eyes are swollen and goopy, drops are needed ASAP!!!!
I know, viral is a pain in the ass. What the doc told me was that ALL pink eye is viral and the drops are for a common 2nd bacterial infection that often accompanies the viral one, especially in kids. That's why drops are given to kids right off the bat, as a preventative measure that he says adults *shouldn't* need. (because we're more disciplined about not touching our eyes and washing hands, etc.) I'm supposed to keep an eye (ha!) on it and if the discharge changes into thick pus vs. the watery kind I now have, I'm to start using the drops again. Until then, I just have to let it run it's course. EW!!
Those are great! What a really neat special gift. Hope your eyes are feeling well soon
Those are gorgeous, MP. A friend of my husband's mother made light blue booties and a matching sweater for his blessing. THey turned out to be too little, but I had them professionally done in a shadow box. Anyway, your friend will be so touched!
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