Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Husband Training

Must remember to coach husband on the proper response to wife when she comes back from a good workout and announces,

"I must be an idiot. I thought the parking meters painted green were the ones that people with parking permits didn't have to plug. I got a parking ticket."

Wife says this hoping for the following reply:

"oops! That CAN be confusing. I'm sorry that happened."

Instead, received this response:

"Yep, you're an idiot!" and then mumbles under his breath to innocent 4 yr old, yet loud enough for me to overhear, that he "hopes Mama has enough money in her account to pay for her parking ticket."

Like I have income or something.

Clearly, there has been a lapse in my proper husband training that needs to be addressed ASAP. This pissed me off even more because it was on the heels of me making dinner AND doing the clean-up (when we both know the deal is s/he who cooks is absolved of dish-duty), and following an enthusiastic round of bumping uglies during naptime. Oh yes, someone clearly stepped out of bounds and needs a reminder of appropriate wife handling. I mean, I didn't say anything derogatory or intellect-insulting when same husband got a traffic ticket a few months back, did I? NO! So, I think a simple parking ticket should be chalked up to "life happens" and let go, don't you? I'm so glad you agree.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.... playing Martha Stewart to husband and preschooler with nasty colds. I'm not feeling too hot, either, but *someone* has to function around here....

No Fucking Way! Seriously. I would be SOOOOOOOO ANGRY! He shouldn't say or think that to begin with, let alone say it around the kids. You work your ass off but don't get paid for it. End of fucking story.

Hope kids and you feel better soon and that parking ticket, you are NOT an idiot!

Ohhhhh... those be fightin' words! I would have verbally annihilated my husband.

I probably would have mumbled back to husband, "I don't have enough money in my account 'cause you don't pay me SHIT!"

What a dick.
Love Kate's comment!!!!

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