Thursday, August 25, 2005


I think the picture below says it all. This is the image that should show up when you Google "pink eye", don't you think? If you look closely you can even see a nice, single yellow-tinged tear falling from my swollen, disease-affected eye. Nice, huh? Wanna make out? Day 3.5 and counting with no change whatsoever....

EWWW!! Posted by Picasa

Ok, you are HILARIOUS MP!

Get well soon! Yes, I know I sound like a damn broken record haha!

my eyes start to water when I look at that pic.
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
oh ouch... it makes *my* eyes water just looking at the picture. I hope it gets better soon. :S
Oh you poor thing MP! Hope you feel better soon :)
Wowzers! I hope you get better soon. That just plain SUCKS!
Okay, I work in a pharmacy, and I can't believe that your doctor would not prescribe eye drops for you. That is a conjunctivitis if I ever did see it. If I was you, I would call your doctor back and tell them no improvement!

Hope you feel better soon!
Lynn-Ashton and John's mom
OK my eyes are watrering just looking at that! At the same time I am laughing.

Feel better soon!

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