Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Just when I thought I'd mostly kicked the cold I've been battling for over a week now, I wake up this morning unable to open one of my eyes. It was sealed shut with a glue of the most disgusting eye goop I've ever seen (or produced, for that matter). Yes, I have pink eye. Thanks for sharing, Nicholas! I've never had this shit in my life, and it ain't pretty. My eyelid is so swollen I can hardly open my eye, even after removing the crusty goop. It's weeping yellow-tinged nastiness, for Christ sake! I've had 3 round of the antibiotic eye drops, and they tend to sting a bit. I look like I was on the losing side of a mis-matched fight. Mr. Chick joked to me this morning, upon gazing at my disfigured eye, "you look like I finally told you what's up." Nice. No, he'd never be violent with me. No worries there. But I do look like I've been punched in the eye and it's all red and swollen as a result. I had him take Nicholas to school and pick him up, too. I don't want to be seen (a), and (b), I don't want to expose my nasty self to kids.

I slept like crap so I'm going to go take a nap. On a towel laid over my pillow. Don't want to cross-contaminate or anything. This sucks.

GAH is RIGHT GIRL!!! You all sure have been through it!!!!

Get well soon babe!
Pink eye is the worst! The good news is, it's usually short-lived. But it sucks just the same!! Hope you get feeling better.
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