Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Fun For Four (I "Hope")

In high school I had a best friend. She and I were practically inseparable for a few years there. We hung out together all day at school, and then found endless things to discuss on the phone each night as well. Funny how adolescent girls can do that... She balanced me in so many ways. The ying to my yang, as it were. Our families were polar opposites, yet it was like we were sisters. In fact, my parents often referred to her as "The Fifth" (there are 4 girls in my family). We parted ways, physically, when we each left for college. She moved to Seattle to pursue a graphic arts degree, and I moved to Eugene for a business one. I remember I was going to go through sorority rush but didn't plan on actually finishing rush and pledging a house because she and I had tickets to see Wham!, dammit, and I wasn't going to miss seeing George Michael! But things change and I got hooked on the whole sorority thing and ended up pledging after all (go Alpha Chi Omega!). Not that I don't regret skipping out on that concert.... George Michael was HOT back in the day. Shortly afterwards my grandma died and my friend frantically found a way to come see me and offer comfort - ON A MOTORCYCLE! FROM SEATTLE! AT NIGHT! She had a friend (or was he a boyfriend? - can't remember) who was willing to take her to see me. That's the kind of friend she is.

Ever since leaving for college we haven't been able to see each other very often. That makes me sad. She stayed in Seattle, I moved to California for awhile. Then back to Oregon. She got married right after I graduated UO and I was in her wedding (a child bride - she was just 21). Her husband plays beach volleyball and there is a big tournament at a beach in Oregon, so each year I would drive out to the coast to see her. A few years later she and her husband move to Anchorage for job opportunities. I get engaged and she comes back to be in my wedding. A few years after that we both end up pregnant at the same time. I had Nicholas in June, she had Hope in August. We had our 2nd babies just a few weeks apart as well. We're still in sync that way. I've seen her twice since having kids: at Hope's first birthday, and again last Christmas. That's not nearly often enough, if you ask me, but it's hard to see each other when we live 1000 miles apart!

But she's coming for a visit!! She leaves today, in fact. She and her family will be spending a few days back at the beach for the volleyball tournament, and a few days in Portland. I'm heading up there to see them next week. I'll be joining in on the 4th birthday celebration for her oldest daughter, Hope. I can't go to a party empty-handed, so I made a fun, cute little purse to give her:

Yes, this is Lauren clutching the purse wearing her t-shirt pajama's.

MP & kids, and Chick Friend & kids. The purse is for my friends' older daughter, Hope (standing on the chair). This photo is from our visit last Christmas. Lauren looks so little!

Do you think she'll like it? It's so simple, yet useful and colorful and just the right size for a little girl to hold something important inside. Lauren sure seems to like it.... what an endorsement right there! Anyway, if it isn't obvious, I'm greatly looking forward to seeing my dear friend again soon. We're meeting at Chuck E. Cheeses for the party - do you think Nicholas will survive or keel over in sheer delight? Chuck E. Cheese is sure to be his vision of heaven.
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Wow, MP, you two even *look* alike! I think her little girl will love the purse... it's just right for a girl her age. :)

I can't believe you had tickets to a WHAM! concert. LOL!
She will LOVE it!!! Great job!
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