Sunday, August 28, 2005


I saw it today. My crusty eyes were open in the wee, ungodly hour of DAWN this morning. I'm not sure why - methinks it may have been the not-so-gentle snoring emanating from my life's partner (again!), or perhaps the annoying-yet-somewhat-comforting sounds of a faraway freight train that is often heard in our neighborhood. More so in the summers when the windows are open, inviting the noise under the covers with you. That train whistle - it tends to sound sad and forlorn in the pre-dawn hours, and I think the asshole driving the train must get paid for every blast. He's a bit heavy-handed there. So I did what any normal girl would do: went to sleep on the couch, of course.

Only I didn't sleep. I couldn't shut my brain off, for some reason. Don't you hate when that happens??!! And then my charming daughter decided that dawn was a good time to hang out with me, so she joined me in the living room. I'm still trying to sort of keep my distance from the kids so they don't contract my pink-eye, and so far it's working, only my daughter must not have gotten that memo and wanted to snuggle down in the covers with me. Too hard to resist her chubby, soft body so I conceded. I protected her side of the pillow so no nasty virus-types would invade her baby eyes, and we cuddled. It sort of made the whole dawn experience worth it.

But even better? Mr. Chick woke up and sent me back to bed. I slept for another 2 hours - full drool and all - while he fed the kids and took them to the park. The park! BEFORE 9am! So I could sleep! Yes, I love this man. I'll probably temporarily remove the body-contact ban I've instituted due to the damn pink eye and give him some good lovin' tonight as a nice thank you. If I can convince him to actually LOOK at me, that is. I'm still not exactly easy on the eyes (ha!). But? Somehow I think he'll manage just fine. He's good that way.

I love him too! He reminds me of Kevin! We are both very very lucky to have a kick ass man in our life!
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