Friday, August 05, 2005

Birth Control - Changes Ahead

I think I mentioned in a previous post that the Pill I'm currently taking is like the Hoover Dam's of birth control: nothing gets in and nothing comes out. That's right, my period is a big no-show, at least so far, again this cycle. I'm due to start the next new package on Monday, and so far I've had nothing but some moderate cramps. I checked the brand, and it's a Pill called Estrostep. It's working great on preventing pregnancy, but it's preventing normal menstruation as well. That can't be good. I mentioned to Mr. Chick last night that I'm giving serious thought to ditching the Pill altogether as of, well, now. He wasn't too sure he liked my suggestion. It would mean we'd be relying on condoms, and he's *ok* with that, but prefers not to. And really, it's only until he gets a job and therefore better health coverage than he gets as a student, and can go for the vasectomy. Soooo - we're talking 6 months or so on the outside? I can do condoms for that long if it means my body could get back to normal. Then he said, sort of inquiringly, what about an IUD? How much would one of those thingies cost? I've had friends who've done IUD's and some have loved them, but some have hated them. I'm not certain about getting an IUD - the jury is still out. I'm thinking 'NO" at this point, if he's still planning a vasectomy within the next year. I don't know. All I DO know is that taking the pill with all the hormones is messing me up physically and I'm ready for something different. My mother suggested that perhaps I'm "pre-menopausal", but I'm not down with that theory, either. I refuse to believe that at 35 I could be dealing with the beginnings of menopause, even though "they" say it's quite possible for that to start in your 30's. Whatever is happening, things are different with me now, post-kids and mid-30's, than they were before when I was still in my 20's and hadn't had kids. I need a new solution - fast. Mr. Chick and I agreed to table the discussion for now and re-visit it again in a few days. Like the day I'm supposed to start the new month of pills, I'll bet. We'll just see about that!

OK -- not to sound to crunchy here, but what about natural family planning? You know, monitoring your "fertile signs" and all that jazz? It may be hard if you are not even getting a period, but there you go.

I can't wait for Doug to get his vasectomy because I hate condoms!!

I have a copper IUD and Love it. Have no idea it is there and no hormones to deal with in it. I've had it 3 years now and can have it for 10! But it isn't cheap, and we had to pay for some of it out of pocket. i'm not ready for my DH to get a vasectomy (we have 2 kids a boy and girl and are pretty sure we are done) so it's been a great option for us.

I've been a lurker on your blog for a while! I wanted to say hi and invite you to my new blog too!
I have the Mirena IUD. Our health insurance covered it 100%. It can be left in for up to 5 years.
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