Thursday, July 21, 2005


I'm outta here, folks. Well, for a few days at least. I'm heading up to Portland with the kids until the Bar Exam is over. We're leaving a few days ahead of Mr. Chick to give him some time on his own to stress and prepare and do whatever he needs to do in order to get ready. The test is 2 days early next week. I'll be staying with my sister Katie tonight and my parents for the following 4 nights. I doubt I'll get much opportunity to post while I'm gone, so be patient - I'll be back shortly. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves. I'll catch up in a few days.

Sorry I didn't get a chance to call you yesterday afternoon like I had hoped. Sounds like you would have been really busy with getting ready for the trip anyway. Have a great time and hope you get some rest while you are away, I know traveling and being out of your routine can be very exhausting.

TTYL hon
Be safe!
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