Thursday, July 14, 2005

Perfect Hair

Hair - love it or hate it? More often than not I'm OK with my hair, but when I have a bad hair day, I really have a bad hair day. My hair is naturally wavy/curly and therefore has a mind of it's own. The cut I have (or don't have, depending) makes all the difference in how my hair looks on any given day. The upside? Curls are forgiving and can hide a lot of cutting flaws. The downside? Frizz. And bulk. I have a LOT of hair and can slip quite easily into 80's big hair. BIG. Thin, straight, skinny hair is a pipe dream for me. I have far too many gray's for my liking. Therefore, I color my hair to "wash those gray's right outta my hair". I dye it as close to my natural color as possible as I'm not into changing the color per se, more to cover the grays. Whenever I can I have it professionally done (the color), but more often than not my color comes from a box and applied in my bathroom. I recently "refreshed" my color and am happy with the results - I went with a color I'd never used before and like it. L'Oreal's Preference dark golden brown (4G), because I'm WORTH it, dammit! Anyway, I get bored with my hair very quickly. I'm pretty fearless when it comes to hair - I mean, it's just hair and it grows, y'know? Make a radical change and it's only temporary. I vary my style frequently but it always ends up back "in the middle". Ultimately it's the most flattering length for me. I'm always on the lookout for a new style, and lately I've been flirting with throwing caution to the wind and cutting it short. REALLY short. Like Alyssa Milano short. Or short like Charlize. I think it would be very liberating. But also a lot of upkeep - you need to keep it trimmed regularly for it to stay looking decent. And the grow-out would be a bitch. Those are the things keeping me from doing it. But it is oh-so-tempting to do anyway!

And then yesterday, while at the park, I was perusing the latest copy of People magazine (oh the decadent joy - !) and came across an advertisement for Diet Coke, of all things. The model had MY hair! I loved it! I almost have that style now, but it would need some tweaking to get it the same. Even the color is nearly identical. I cut the picture out and it's hanging on the side of my fridge so I have it to show to my stylist next time I go for a cut. I'm totally going to go for this look. Mr. Chick seemed non-plussed by it when I excitedly showed him last night, but I'm not daunted. I still like it. Of course, I still my get a wild hair (ha - the pun!) and cut it all off in a fit of defiance, but most likely I'll walk out of the salon looking all the world like this:

I MUST have bangs, like this, because no bangs is not flattering on me. It's downright UGLY, actually. I've tried, trust me, and it just doesn't work. I'll need to grow my length a little longer to achieve this look, but otherwise it's doable. Because of my wavy/curly hair I MUST have layers - this style has lots of layers. She even has my skin coloring (fair) and light eyes (mine are blue), with the dark hair. Maybe THAT'S why I'm drawn to this image - it's very rare I see my particular coloring combo emphasized. So what do you think? Should I go for the uber-short style or trend more towards the look of the ad above? I'm due for a trim soon so I'll need to come to some decision soon.

LOVE IT!!!! :) Make sure you post a pic when you do it. =)
I think you would look FAB in the do that you posted. It just "fits" you. Let us know!
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