Thursday, July 14, 2005

On A Roll

Wow - I'm on a ROLL with this wire-wrapping jewelry! This past spring my parents took a trip to Sedona, AZ and my mother bought me some cool beads as a gift. I have been waiting to use them ever since. Well, after my success the other day with wire-wrapping, I made yet another necklace during nap time:

It's a cool turquois pendant hanging from a simple, clear bead chain made using the wire wrapping technique. I wanted the turquois to be the center of attention and the chain to sort of fade into the background. The pendant is what you notice, not the rest (but the rest looks pretty cool, too!). Again, it took about 1.5 hrs to make this. Not bad. So now *I* have a fun new necklace to wear this summer. And I will - right now, in fact, as I take the kids to the wading pool at the park and meet up with some friends. Yay!

Hey MP, cute blog! I got an email from Ana and Uni recently and I thought I would "hunt" down others from BorB and see how they were.

Erika, Christine, Kristi and I still chat daily so I will pass along your blog to them too. Glad to see that you and your family are doing so well.

Hi Andrea! I'm glad to hear that you and Erika, Christine & Kristi still keep in touch. That's nice to hear. I'm still in contact with Christine/MCM via email and telephone, and occasionally Ana as well. Glad you found me here. Now you know where to find me most days!

We should arrange a time where we all can chat and catch up. I'm curious to know how everyone else is doing.

Take care!
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