Friday, July 15, 2005

Another Crochet Masterpiece

I'm really on a bragging jag here - sorry if it's annoying anyone. I just like to have a place to display my latest creations.... So anyway, I have another pregnant friend due with baby #2 next month. Like my other friend that I crocheted a baby sweater for (see pics in archives), I made a sweater for this baby as well. This time, I crocheted a cable knit pullover. Yes, you can crochet a cable knit design. It's not exactly the same as knitting one, certainly, but it's a pretty good facsimile. I'm very proud of this sweater. There is a lot of detail to it. Thankfully it came together easily - all the pieces working out the way they're supposed to size-wise. When I started it I didn't know yet whether my friend was having a boy or girl so I wanted to make something unisex. This is what I found to do. Turns out it will be for a boy, and he'll be able to wear it, probably, in the fall of 2006 when he's a year old. It's been done for about a month now, but my mom took the pictures and just now sent them to me. I'll be giving it to my friend in the next couple of weeks on my next trip up to Portland. I hope you can see enough of the detail in the pictures below:

It's nap time and the house is clean enough so I'm resisting the urge to make yet another necklace or bracelet with the time. Must.Stop.Making.Stuff!


Love the sweater. I didn't know you could get a cable "knit" by crocheting -- is that a word? I would like to make bead jewelry too -- I wonder if there is a bead store near here. But then I'd need some creativity too!

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