Monday, June 20, 2005

Summertime Fun in the Backyard

We're seeing some summer sunshine around here and the kids played in the backyard for a bit this afternoon. Fun Fun! We cobbled together a makeshift slip-n-slide and had fun with the garden hose. Of course, the kids were nudie - is there any better way to play with water in your own backyard? I didn't think so, either. Don't worry, the photos were cropped to protect the innocent.

Nicholas being a goof with the hose and the slide. Trouble!

Little Funny Face in the sunhat! Check the gap between her front teeth. When she's famous it'll be her trademark. Either that or our orthodontia (sp?) bill will be less because she has extra room for the enormous permanent teeth she's bound to get. It's all good.

Lauren taking a breather from all that playing in the sunshine. Can you see her "cafe au lait" birthmark on her tummy just above her belly button? Nicholas has a matching one, just a bit lower on his tummy. What's weird? Neither Mr. Chick or I have any birthmarks, yet our kids get nearly identical ones. Hmmm....

Lauren playing with the hose. Is there any bettter toy in the backyard?? Poor thing has inherited my thighs as well as my blue eyes . It's a family curse (the thighs, that is. LOVE the blue eyes!). My mom and sister have started to (privately) refer to her as "J.Lo, Jr." Yeah, my baby got back.Posted by Hello

How CUTE!!! I am lovin the summertime!!! We spent three hours outside this morning. Our backyard is my savior at times :)
That picture of Lauren holding the hose is great! You should enter it in a photo contest of some kind!!! =)
Looks like the kids had a blast!
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