Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Strange Dreams

Lately I've been having some weird dreams. I know this is not unusual - most people have strange dreams. I think dreams, by definition, are mostly strange. But I don't regularly remember my dreams. They're there for a microsecond when I begin to wake up and then poof! They're gone, never to be recalled. But for the past several nights I've actually been able to remember the dream I was having when I woke up. And they've all been about Mr. Chick and something bad he does or is doing (in the dream, not in reality). It's bizarre.

In one dream a few nights ago, Mr. Chick and I were on some bed - not ours - just hanging out while there was a party happening or something. I'm not sure. Then this girl comes in and I immediately distrust her yet am strangely drawn to her as well (attracted?). Mr. Chick seems to like her (duh!). She starts flirting with Mr. Chick and he's flirting back and I get pissed. I leave the room but find myself outside the house (no house I recognize). I sneak back down to the window of the room where Mr. Chick is and knock on the window. He pops up, looking slightly guilty but grinning happily, saying that he's learning how to give good oral. I'm hurt and angry that he'd do that and tell him to leave and come with me or it's over, yet find myself intrigued and wonder if I should go back so I could learn, too. And then I wake up.

The other strange dream I have had to do with Mr. Chick becoming a smoker. Yuck! He's smoking and enjoying it and I'm disgusted and give the ultimatum: quit now or it's over. I tell him that smoking is a deal-breaker for me. He just laughs, tells me I'm overreacting, and keeps on smoking. And then I wake up.

What's up with these dreams?? In both of them I tell Mr. Chick to quit doing what he's doing or it's over, and in both he doesn't stop, choosing instead to continue with the "vice" and leaving me hanging out to dry. Does anyone put any stock into dream analysis? I wonder what my subconscious is telling me? In our waking hours Mr. Chick is his same attentive self. I don't have any concerns about him during the daylight. But at night? At night I seem to fear him leaving me or something. I've never once threatened to leave him if he didn't stop doing something, but I'm doing that in my dreams. Any suggestions?

OK -- I don't really put much stock in dream analysis but I think dreams are sort fo a file manager for what goes on during the day. Not that you are worried about his cheating, more perhaps you are thinking about the time you spend together. Will it be less now that he's a lawyer, perhaps that he had to work on Nicholas's birthday -- things that just mean he wasn't there? I think we filter out stuff that goes on during the day via dreams. Who knows if I am right on this one!!

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