Monday, June 06, 2005

Spaaaaahhh Party

Yay! Tonight I'm hosting a few girlfriends over for cocktails, dessert and a soak in our new hottub. Wanna come?? It's gonna be our equivalent of "Calgon, take me away" for the evening. I'm making a sinfully rich pan of triple-chocolate brownies, putting together a fairly complete bar, and adding candles and aromatherapy to the spa. Kind of sounds like I'm planning to seduce my friends 'cuz you know I'd give it up in that kind of atmosphere. Woo me with sweets, booze, candles and music. But before you get too crazy picturing some sort of lesbian orgy scene, let me assure you that it's nothing more than a girls night out. Only instead of going out for lame-ass coffee, as we tend to do, we're hanging at my house. Lots of gabbing, giggling and guzzling. The only part of the evening that is making me nervous is the weather. It's unpredictable today. It's 2pm and already we've had drizzle, sunshine, full-on rain, and even a bout of hail. Yes, hail. Now, I don't mind some soft rain sprinkling down if I'm in a hottub. I live in Oregon - rain is my middle name. But hail? Hail I have a problem with. I'm praying for no more hail. Hail hurts, and I'd hate to have to call my insurance company to see what my coverage is for hail injury in a hottub.

I'm off to tidy the house and make the brownies. I wish I felt more up to make something a little more extravagant, more impressive, more Martha, than brownies but I've got a touch of the cold the kids have had and I just can't motivate for that kind of effort today. The TheraFlu dissolving tabs help, but sort of make me feel off my game. I don't think my friends will mind. I'm going to be offering free liquor a-plenty, so who's going to complain?? I don't hang with friends who would be offended by such a thing. I think a soak in the spa with some funny ladies topped off with chocolate will be just the thing to make me feel all better. There is no better medicine.

I am SO there!
Damn I wanna come too!!!!
Thanks for phone call, sorry I havent been able to call you back, will explain later ;0)
Love ya~
Sorry I missed your call AGAIN! I swear I'm not ignoring I owe you one. Free tomorrow or any time this week? Let me know!!!

Hope you are getting good and ripped right about now. Eat one of those (pans) of brownies for me! They sound awesome.
Oh man!!!! I actually live in Oregon, too, so I could come!
I think it's too late now, though, as it is 6:40 here in Sandy, OR.
Shucks. :-)
Have fun!!
How did it go girl?
So, MP, how did your spa party go?

Did you have tons of chick chat times with your friends?

I need a night like that with my girlfriends!
The party was a big success! The cocktails were yummy and plentiful (but no one got out of control, knowing they had to deal with their kids the next morning...) and we soaked in the tub much longer than anyone expected. They all thought they'd be at my house for a couple of hours. Well, when we FINALLY got around to doing a time-check it was 11:30pm! Late for a "school night", and way past the original 10pm time they told their hub's they'd be home. It's a good sign that everyone had fun when that happens. :)
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