Friday, June 03, 2005

Snoring - the bane of my nights

Mr. Chick snores. There. I said it. Usually he snores only when he's sleeping flat on his back. When that happens (which is nearly nightly), it's a guaranteed snore-fest emanating from his side of the bed. In our early days I was much more tolerant of this ruckus and would softly, gently, nudge him and be all, "Baby? You're snoring. Could you please roll over?".

Then, as the years pass, my tolerance dwindles some. It's inevitable. Instead of the gentle nudge - a love tap, if you will - it morphs into a bed-jiggle. What in the hell is a bed-jiggle? you ask. Good question. It *used* to be effective. It's where I would wiggle my hips a bit to get the mattress to shake, resulting in a change of position from a snoring, slumbering Mr. Chick. Voila! A no-contact sport. Sometimes I have been forced to employ the dreaded kick under the covers when the bed-jiggle fails. Or even moving (ok, jerking) his pillow so his head shifts and the awful snoring stops. A girl can only take so much! But now? Now we're in the midst of allergy season. And people? Allergies where we live are awful. Wicked bad. So bad that this is one of very few spots in the whole USofA where they do allergy testing. Higher concentrations are tough to find. It's mostly grass/hayfever, and it's kicking our asses. His worse than mine. We get regular allergy updates in our email (yeah, we're geeks like that). "Moderately severe" is a rating in the upper 30's. It's been hitting in the upper 300's lately. It's bad. Mr. Chick is popping Claratin like it's candy and he's STILL sneezing and dripping and feeling miserable. 24 hr relief my ass. He takes TWO 24-hr pills at a time.

This allergy stuff is really making his snoring reach new levels of suffering for me. Now he snores no matter his position. Side, tummy, back - it's all the same. Loud. Just loud. And incessant. And impossible for me to sleep with. If he starts snoring AFTER I've fallen asleep, no problem. But if the nightly concert begins before I've reached dreamland, well, then we've got a problem. I find myself using all the tricks in my bag, and none of them are working anymore. And then last night - EUREKA! The cure! We finally found a cure to Mr. Chick's snoring and my sleeplessness: Mr. Chick sleeps on the couch. It works.

Now, if we could only get Lauren to stay sleeping in her crib all night long vs. sleeping in the bed we'd all be in a happy, happy place. One thing at a time.

Hmmm...I need to try that trick the next time my DH begins a concert of the throat!

When DH goes off on a men's only campout (or something similar), the other guys ALWAYS come back and ask me how I'm able to sleep with the "freight train" sleeping beside me!
I had to laugh at this one. I'm in the same boat as you only MY husband doesn't have allergies. The couch has been his (or mine!) best friend for awhile now. I just can't take it.
Two words: BreatheRight Strips.....or is that three words??
I don't know how they work but they do, I swear by them.....
Lurker from St. Louis
Thank God that Kevin doesnt snore, try what Jill suggests! BTW, I think I know her! HA! :)

Love ya MP!
PS Austin hasnt been sleeping through at ALL! We are going effing crazy here, he has been in our bed a lot lately as well!
MP - I so feel for you!!! My DH snores too and it is awful if he is the first one asleep. Have him try the Breath Right Strips.
Good idea on the breathe-right strips! I had another night on the couch last night, so I'll be picking some of those up at the store soon. The couch is comfy and all, but it's just not my bed. thankfully both kids went down at 8pm and slept through until 8am this morning. We're ALL feeling good today!
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