Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Rafting & Ragging

Let me begin by saying I USED to love being on the Pill. My cycles were regular prior to going on the Pill (as a teenager - gasp!), regular while on the Pill, & even regular after going off the Pill for our first attempts at getting pregnant. Regular regular regular. Then I had kids. I didn't go back on the Pill between babies, knowing we wanted a 2nd. But after Lauren was born I went on the mini-pill while I was breastfeeding her. No problems. Then I weaned her and it was time to upgrade my mini-pill to the regular Pill again. My dr. put me on the Pill I had been on for all those successful years - TriLevelen. It sucked. I was having breakthrough bleeding mid-cycle, plus my period. I was having to wear pads or tampons every two weeks. Not fun. So my dr. changed the Pill I was on to something else. Something without a generic equivalent. I'm paying way more for this prescription every month than I was for the TriLevelen. But whatever, right? If I no longer have to be on the rag twice a month it's worth it, right? Wrong! Now I'm not getting my period at all. First month - nothing. No breakthrough bleeding, but no period, either. It's like this new Pill is the Hoover dam and nothing is getting through. 2nd month, same story. I'm now on my "off" week - the week I'm supposed to get my period, and today is the 3rd day into that week and I'm finally seeing some evidence that maybe, just maybe, I'll get some sort of period this time. Third times the charm? Good thing, too, because I was starting to wonder if maybe I was pregnant again. I used to want nothing more than to miss my period because that meant I was pregnant, and now? Now that would be my nightmare. But the timing of this couldn't be worse: We're leaving on Thursday for a rafting weekend with some friends from law school.

Rafting and ragging - two things that just don't mix well. How am I supposed to spend the majority of two days on a raft and deal with my period at the same time??! It's not like I can just find a quiet corner of the raft and deal with a tampon. "uh, excuse me while I yank on the string and insert a new fresh one. I'll only be a sec." I don't think so. And pads are out - we'll be swimming and getting drenched in the rapids. Plus, I'll have to PACK OUT my garbage. Gross! Nothing like hanging on to used feminine products for a few days and carrying them around with you. Plus, it totally eliminates any possibility of getting hot tent sex with Mr. Chick. Bummer. The one time I wish my period wouldn't come is this weekend, and this is the weekend it's decided to show up in three damn months. Just my luck. I can only pray that despite it's absence for 90 days this period will be a light one and I can be OK using one tampon for the majority of the day. That's reasonable, right? Then I can wait until we set up camp and can get a little privacy inside my tent for the necessary "changing of the guard", so to speak. Uh-huh, and the Pope is a woman. I'm doomed.

On top of dealing with my (hopefully light) period, I get to drive endless hours up and down my state. My parents will be watching the kids for us this weekend. They live 2 hours north of us. The put-in location for the raft trip is 2.5 hrs south of us. So I get to drive the kids 110 miles to their house, drop them off, and drive 110 miles back home. Then Mr. Chick and I load up the car with the camping gear and drive another 2.5 hrs to the camp site. We *could* wait until Friday morning to leave, but we'd have to hit the road by 4am at the latest to reach the put-in spot by 6:30am, and I just don't see that happening. These people want to be on the river all damn day and we're on the water by 7am. We can't be late or we hold everyone up. Better to head down the night before and camp at the put-in. Although... we could make a fortune re-selling Starbucks lattes to everyone at the camp if we arrive that morning with hot coffee for everyone.... hmmm....

I'll be absent from blogging until early next week. I'm off to enjoy Mother Nature and all her glory from the view of a raft on the Rogue River. Wish me luck in my attempts to contain the bitchy side of Mother Nature as she pertains to my body, and keep your fingers crossed that I don't end up getting dumped in the river and have to swim the rapids!

Sounds like lots of fun, MP. I've always wanted to go white water rafting!
Have fun and GOOD LUCK WITH MOTHER NATURE! She is a bitch sometimes!
Love you~
Just checking on you, hope trip was great!
I'm just curious- are you on Yasmin now? It did exactly to me what you described.

I got a Mirena IUD after Brody was born. Best thing I ever did. If I do have a period, it's like 2 hours long and light enough for a JUNIOR tampon.

Oh, and it's good for 5 years, with a success rate better than that of a tubal ligation.
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