Thursday, June 23, 2005

Penis Milk

Another funny from the Nicholas file:

We were driving in the car the other day. A long drive. Past various pastures and such where you are likely to see all manner of livestock. Nicholas was starting to whine and give me the typical, "Are we there yet?? How much longer??" routine. The one I love so much. Music to any parents' ears. So in desperation I told him to keep an eye out for cows and to tell me when he saw a cow. This trick/diversion used to work so much better a year ago and is quickly losing it's appeal for my almost-4-yr-old .

"Hey Mama, when I see a cow and if I'm thirsty, could we pull over so I could get some milk?"

"Well, Nicholas, probably not. We'd have to go to a dairy farm to get milk right from the cows."

"But Maaaammmaaa, I want to drink milk from the cows penis!"

"umm - what??! No, milk doesn't come from penises. GIRL cows are the ones who make milk, and it comes from something called udders."

"Are udders girl penises? I want to drink milk from them!"

Gotta love my boy!


Keep us posted on the housing situation and GOOD LUCK!
That is FUNNY STUFF! He'll just looooove reading that one in oh say about 10-15 years. HA! Gotta keep that one to read at the ol' wedding reception during the toasts. ha ha ha
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