Friday, June 17, 2005

My New Best Friend

A lingering benefit from law school arrived in the mail the other day: my new coffee maker! We got this pretty little thing FREE from a law school-related website where you earn points and can redeem them for various items. Mr. Chick got my new Coach purse this way, too. Anyway, I'm please to introduce my new best friend: The Braun AromaDeluxe coffee maker, in white.

Ain't she pretty?? This sucker is programmable, people. I know this is archaic for most of you, but for me? Heaven on Earth. Our old coffee maker dated back to the dark ages of 1992. It simply had an on/off switch. No bells and whistles. It was a workhorse and was still functioning when our new baby arrived. So really, I don't want to diss the elderly. But I'm just so tickled with the new one I could pee my pants. It has a Brita filter to keep my water all sparkly! It has a gold filter so I no longer have to buy paper ones! It makes my coffee for me in the morning and automatically shuts off. Lord knows I can't trust my addled Mommy brain to remember to shut the damn coffee pot off and I have been known to leave in the morning and return in the afternoon to a house filled with the scent of still-on coffee. Smells good, tastes like shit. Plus it's not the safest practice, y'know? So now I don't have to stress my dwindling brain cells to remember such trivial things - it has a microchip brain smarter than mine and does it for me. Hooray! And best of all? It keeps my coffee hotter than my old one. I hate nearly tepid coffee. I could guzzle several cups before because I had to drink them fast or they'd be cold in a heartbeat. Not so with my new best friend! It keeps the coffee hot so I have to actually sip my coffee. Each cup lasts so much longer this way! I'm like a new woman, I swear. So now I rise from my bed, the graceful, fully rested goddess that I am in the mornings (ha!) and glide down my hallway to my kitchen (more like bounce off the walls in a stupor to avoid stepping on painful toys left on the floor - you know the drill), and find a full pot of glorious coffee just waiting for me. Could there be anything better than that? I don't have to do a thing except pour a cup and sit down to drink it (usually propping open my eyelids and hoping the first sip of the coffee kills whatever funkiness is happening in my mouth and cursing the cheerful songs emanating from the morning cartoons the kids are watching). After a cup or two of my filtered coffee I'm ready to take on the kids and whatever the day throws my way. Because we ALL know that filtered water makes all the difference, right??! Yeah, right.

She's a beauty! Congrats!! You crack me up!
Drooling over here...
I have a programable one but not a Braun. Congrats!!!
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