Monday, June 20, 2005

"I Changed My Mind"

This is the response elicited from Nicholas every time he's asked about his upcoming birthday party. "I changed my mind". "What??!" is the usual reply most of us Grown-Up's utter. "I changed my mind. I wanted a Dora party but I changed my mind and now I'm having an Incredibles birthday party." My almost-4-year-old is hyper-excited (dare I say SUPER excited? Pun very intended) about his party. He is beside himself with anticipation, and this is wearing on my every last nerve. He insists on "checking out it" (small word order issue here) the bag that contains the party gear, and will lovingly, reverently lay out every package of Incredibles paper plates, cups and napkins we purchased last week. He'll do this all day long if I let him. And he gets PISSED OFF if Lauren dares to touch any of this precious booty (more on "booty" at the end of this post, btw). More than a few tears have been shed by both of them over these stupid paper products. Nicholas is very protective of his party gear. You've been warned.

What's funny in an odd way about his obsession with the plates and cups is that my mom, just this weekend when I was in town, made 5 super-hero capes, in red polyester double-knit, each with it's own personalized initial of the first name of each kid coming to his party. How cool is that??! To get your own super-hero cape as a party favor?? (Each cape ended up costing me only about $2 each - cheap!) Come ON! But my son has barely noticed his new red cape with the big yellow "N" on it. No, he'd rather study the cups that have pictures of The Incredibles on them. He's an odd duck, my Nicholas. I think I'm more psyched about the capes and am really looking forward to giving them to the kids and watching them wear them (along with the black eye masks, of course). Maybe I should have asked my mom to make one with a big "M" on it for Mama.

The game we're playing at the party is a bit of a stretch. I mean that literally and figuratively. I got the idea off the internet: Play Twister, but call it the Elastigirl game, and tell the kids that they'll need to strrreeetcchh like Elastigirl to reach the colored circles with their hands and feet. The kid who can stretch the most and is the last one to fall wins. As it happens, we own Twister (of course!). Nicholas has never seen the game before but is BIG into games right now. I mean big. So I told him about the game and he's been hassling me to play the damn game ever since. My bad. So now, like literally right this second as I type this, he's finally getting his chance to peek at the game for the first time. It's the only way for me to get him off my back for a minute so I can get this post done. He's mesmerized. I can hear him talking himself through it in the other room. "This is the spinner. You spin it like this." Oh yeah, it's a hit already. If I'm able to score the Incredibles pinata the party store says they'll get in in time I'll REALLY be SuperMom. I think he'll faint dead away if he gets the Incredibles coloring pages, all the Incredibles paper products he so loves, the super capes and masks, an Incredibles game AND a pinata. His brain will surely explode.

And to wrap up my entry on my funny kid I'll share a booty comment he made to me this weekend when we were all in the hottub together. Naked, of course. A big happy naked family sitting in the hottub on the morning of Father's Day (it was my gift to Mr. Chick - ha!) We're about to get out of the tub and Nicholas swims over to me and starts asking if he can "check your booties for milk". I look at him as if he has 3 heads and ask, "booties?" (it was early still). So he starts to playfully slap/tap my boobs to make them jiggle and says, "yeah, your booties. Is there still milk in them? Can I check?"

"Umm, NO, there is no milk left in them and you don't need to check. Trust me."

"But Mmmmoooommm (whining), I want to see. Can I just do a little check, puhhleeesseee??" (now tweaking my nipple)

"Nicholas, no. There is no milk in my boobies, not booties, and you absolutely cannot check. Time to get out NOW"

Meanwhile, Mr. Chick is grinning like a proud papa and willingly claims that he (Nicholas) gets it from him. Duh.


I have been reading your blog (after following you from iP) and never posted but when I read today's post about the Incredibles party...just had to let you know that I was in the Disney Store this past Saturday and if you need anything Incredibles or Disney related get to their sale. They had Dash pajamas for $7.99, Dash Sunglasses $3.25, Incredibles beach towels for $7.99, a Dash folding chair with attached umbrella for $10. Almost the whole store was 50% off. It was definitely a great sale. Have a great day and hoping the party is "Incredible"

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