Thursday, June 16, 2005

Birthday Bonanza

I just checked the trusty calendar I keep magneted (new word?) to my refridgerator and it dawned on me that I'm approaching "Kid Birthday Party Fest '05". Seriously, I think more kids must have birthdays in summer than any other season. I'm going to be blowing serious cash supporting all these parties with all the gifts and travel involved. Sigh. I have parties stacked up like airplanes at a major airport in bad weather.

It all starts this weekend with Father's Day and a 3 year old birthday party. I know, Father's Day is not a birthday party technically, but a gift-giving occasion regardless. I'm always at a loss as to what to give the men in my life. They're just harder to buy for, don't you think? I took an easy way out this year and got both my dad and Mr. Chick gift certificates for music downloads. Easy. The 3 year old (to be) is Mr. Chick's Goddaughter, the daughter of one of his best friends. The party is up in the Portland area - a 2 hour drive. And of course Mr. Chick can't attend due to the overwhelming amount of studying he has to do. So it's me and the kids flying solo. I like the parents, but is it wrong of me to admit I don't like the birthday girl? It's hard to imagine not liking a child, but this child is hard to like, trust me. Very spoiled and indulged. Coddled. She's a diva who whines incessantly. She acts much younger than she is. Hell, Lauren at 19 mos acts older than she does. This child is just not my favorite little girl in the world so it's hard to get excited about her birthday. Sick, aren't I? I wouldn't go, except that I want to represent our family for Mr. Chick since this is his best friend and all. Plus, they have an older son who is 4.5 yrs and he and Nicholas get along fabulously, so the boys will have fun together, if nothing else. Can the price of gas I'm shelling out to get to the party be considered gift enough, do you think?

The following weekend is Nicholas's birthday party on Saturday. My first baby will be 4! Wow. He has chosen The Incredibles as his party theme this year. For awhile there I really thought we'd have our 3rd Blue's Clues party. Then it was Dora - he was hot to trot about a Dora party. But at the last minute he changed his mind and settled on The Incredibles. He's invited 4 friends to his party. It's going to be low-key - I'm not planning a big to-do. Just 4 kids, their little sisters (all the kids have little sisters close to Lauren's age - cute!), and their moms. I'm bringing in a pizza for lunch. Small gift bags for the kids, which will include black masks to wear during the party, balloons, which will entertain the baby girls, a game of some sort, and a pinata. Of course a cake & ice cream, too. Simple. Pray for good weather so I can have the party in the backyard vs. the living room..... In addition to Nick's party on Saturday I get to make a shitload of cupcakes for him to take to his preschool class the Thursday before. We're keeping Nicholas in school during the summer.

The day after Nicholas's fiesta is the party of one of the kids that will be a guest at Nicholas's party. We're just trading off. The boys have been friends and in a playgroup together since they were 15 months old. Then the weekend after that, which technically is July, is the party of another boy who is turning 5 and has a vacuum obsession. He's an odd kid. He saved up his own money for a long, long time and guess what he chose to spend it on? A steam vac. They have hardwood floors and don't need a steam vac, but that's what he wanted. He's giddy about it. Like I said, strange kid.

We get a weekend off from parties - whatever will I do with myself? Then we're right back in the thick of it with a triple threat from my sister and her family: my nieces 2nd birthday on July 15th, my sisters birthday on July 21st, and my oldest nephews 7th birthday on July 24th. Thankfully there will just be one party for all of them, but still - ! So yeah, I'm bombarded with parties, pretty much every weekend from now until the end of July when we'll have the biggest party - the Bar Exam is OVER party! That's my summer in a nutshell. Maybe I need to sell an organ or stand on a corner panhandling or something to pay for all the gifts I need to buy. I'm drowning in birthday parties!!

The steam vac cracked me up! That's ONE him grow up to be a total and complete slob. LOL! :) Good luck with all the parties. The parties are the fun part...the not to fun part...buying the gifts.
WOW! Talk about a lot of parties! I know what you mean about the money and traveling for them!
Hope you have a great summer MP!
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