Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Pictures Say It Best...

We're just back from our first long weekend getaway to Sunriver - more on that in another post - and I had a few pictures from Mr. Chick's graduation waiting for me in my email. I thought I'd share them. Can you tell how happy we ALL are that he's finally graduated?? Except for the crap his mom pulled it was a lovely day and a really fun party we hosted afterwards (no pictures from THAT yet.... probably for the best, trust me....)

The Chick Family at graduation

Mr. Chick and Lauren

Nicholas - future law grad?? Posted by Hello

I can't WAIT for Michael to finish school. We've got one more year before that - so I'll live vicariously through those pics. You all look so incredibly happy!!!
Great pics! You guys DO look SO happy. :)
Love these pics! And congrats to all of you!!!!! A great achievment for all of you!!!
Such a cute family! And MP- you look GREAT!
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