Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Miraculous Morning

I was starting to have my doubts. I admit it. I was starting to believe that it might never happen. But it did, with no warning. I didn't see it coming. What, you may ask, am I even talking about?? Nicholas wore regular underwear to bed last night for the first time ever and woke up dry. DRY! Like I said, it's a miracle.

Let me backup a bit: yesterday we had a preview of summer weather-wise. Hot & sunny. A picture-perfect day (especially brilliant with all the ick and grime washed off all my windows!). The kids even tried to run through a sprinkler in the afternoon, which is how they ended up naked. Nicholas enjoys being naked and decided to stay naked for the rest of the day. He even put HIMSELF down for a nap and decided to sleep.... naked. He must have liked how that felt (and why not? Mr. Chick and I sleep naked every night. It's the only way to snooze). So when bedtime rolled around I asked him to go get his jammies, just like I do every night. That usually includes a Pull-Up (what we refer to a "nighttime underwear") But last night Nicholas put on regular daytime underwear instead. He must have decided he liked the "natural" feel of things vs. wearing the diapery, bulky Pull-Up. He acted a little funny about it. Like he was trying to do something he shouldn't. I asked him, repeatedly, if he really wanted to wear his big boy underpants to bed. I told him over and over that it meant he had to keep the pee-pee in his body ALL NIGHT. He was all, "yep, I know Mama. I won't let the pee-pee come out on my sheets". Since he was the one initiating this and wanting to do it, I went ahead and agreed to try it, giving him all sorts of props for being a big boy, blah blah blah. He was nervous and excited. He peed before bed and then stayed awake for over an hour more, just lying in his bed. I think he was consummed with thoughts of not peeing. He got up to pee, not having slept yet, mind you, at 10:40pm. I praised him (again) for listening to his body and took him back to bed. Finally, he fell asleep.

When he woke up this morning at a few minutes past 7am, he was wearing a big smile and immediately came to stand next to my side of the bed to tell me "I only went a little bit of pee-pee in my underwear, Mama!" and told me to "check it out." The front of his pajamas were dry! His underwear was a little damp, but not enough to make the pj's wet, or better yet, make the sheets wet. HALLELUIA! He was so proud of himself this morning I thought his face would split wide open from his smile. So wonderful to see! And it was all him the whole time - the one who felt he was ready and the one who wanted to dare to try - just like that. I'm so proud of my big boy! And I'm SO GLAD that I might be done buying Pull-Ups FOREVER! (of course, I just purchased a new box from Costco which I haven't even opened yet. Wouldn't it be great if I could just save them for Lauren??) I really hope this marks a turning point for Nicholas and we can cross-off this milestone from the development list for good. Atta Boy!

FAB NEWS MP!!!! Hope he keeps it up!
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