Thursday, May 26, 2005

Here Comes the Bride(maid)...

We leave today for my sister's wedding! I LOVE weddings and am even more excited for this one because it's a family wedding. It helps that we all really like the guy my sister is marrying. She's making a good choice and they have all the ingredients for a long, happy marriage.

Did I ever mention that one of my sisters has Multiple Sclerosis? Sister #3 - Maureen - was diagnosed a couple of years ago. Maureen is the Maid of Honor for this wedding as she and Carrie are quite close. Well, about a week before Mr. Chick's graduation Maureen experienced an MS episode. Her first since getting her diagnosis. She was experiencing excruciating headaches, complete with nausea, and a lot of numbness all over her body. Most affected was her left foot. She described it as feeling like her foot had gone to sleep. So for a week she was in constant agony and limping. She's only 31 years old. They pumped her full of steroids and some serious pain meds. She's sad and the rest of us feel very helpless. She managed to come to graduation (God bless her!), but was very, very tired. All the drugs wear her out. She's feeling better now, not 100%, but better. However, the steroids tend to bloat you. Maureen isn't the smallest of women - she's a bit on the heavy side (see pic from the bachelorette weekend) - but to add steroid bloat is like adding insult to injury. She's worried that she'll no longer fit into her dress for the wedding, that she'll end up limping down the aisle, and that she won't be able to dance at the reception. It's breaking all of our hearts. There is simply no fairness to this illness. None at all. It's the only potential downer to the whole weekend. The silver lining is that she's there at all. Had this episode struck just a couple of weeks after when it did she might not have been able to make it at all.

I won't be blogging while we're away for the long weekend. I'll be getting my nails done, my make-up perfected, struggling to make my "soccer mom" hair look cute, and shimmying into my "body slimmer" (aka girdle) to complete my transformation. And oh yeah, stressing about walking in a normal way in my too-tall fuck-me pumps! I've been practicing a bit so I'm holding out hope for success in that department. I'm off to pack my entire family right after I apply a little self-tanner to my shockingly white legs. I just need to take the glare down a notch because I simply cannot afford to outfit every wedding guest with sunglasses. It's one or the other, people. So self-tanner, here I come!

Sidenote: Mr. Chick and I are doing better. My feelings are still hurt and I'm struggling to feel positive about my appearance going into this wedding, but we're slowly but surely regaining normalcy between us. He took a break from studying lat night (gotta love having to study like a fiend for the Bar AFTER graduation) so we could spend some quiet time together. It was nice. We didn't have to talk or say much, just be in each others presence and hold on. After a few whispered "I love you's" and some kissing, we're good to go. Now I'm not dreading this road trip anymore. At least not because of him. 12 hrs in the car with two kids is another reason altogether to dread this trip!

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope your sister is feeling better. Be safe and cannot wait to hear an update on your trip.
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