Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gifts Galore

I didn't attend one class, write one paper, or take one test, yet *I* am the recipient of sweet graduation gifts! This is a system I could really learn to love.

Earlier this week a package was delivered to the house. A small, non-descript box from It had Mr. Chick's name on it. He often gets stuff for school - random books and study aids - from so I didn't think much of it. But lo and behold - ! The contents were for ME! In the middle of a big party we were hosting on Tuesday he gives me the box. Like it's no big deal. I had just been chatting with some girlfriends about the glory that are Coach bags. I'm an admitted Coach snob. I LOVE Coach bags. I have two. A lovely black purse and a cute red backpack. The backpack was a gift to myself back when I was employed and pulled down a paycheck. It was the last purse I bought, and it was in 1999 or 2000, I think. I don't usually buy purses unless they are Coach, and once I have one it lasts forever. I go with quality and with classics. So you can imagine my utter joy when I opened the box and THIS was inside:

How cute is that??! It's the Coach mini-duffle. It's little and supremely non-mom (meaning: not a diaper bag). It rocks! It's very slim and very classy. It smells rriiiiccchhhh. Like the awesome smell of a new car, only this is the new Coach smell of soft leather. Of course I had to immediately put all my stuff into it. I holds my wallet, keys and lipstick (contained in a Coach lipstick case, of course), and nothing else. No snacks in ziplocks, no sippy cups, no wipes and no diapers. Just my essentials. I'm over the moon! And best of all? Mr. Chick earned it through a rewards program at school vs. having to pay for it. No cash exchanged hands. But it's even more precious to me because it represents a shitload of work on his part to accumulate those points enough to get this big-ticket item. And he redeemed his hard-earned points on something for ME.

Know what he's getting for himself?? THIS!! The people from whom we bought this house had one (smaller and not nearly as pimpy) so we're all set up with the pad and electrical. We've talked and talked ad nauseum about getting one all these 3 years, but simply could not justify the purchase. Then last night we're at Costco and we see it. Beckoning to us. Taunting us. Mr. Chick went to check it out and I thought it would be like everything else: look, dream, then walk away. But not this time. THIS time he was feeling wild and free and he wants to go for it. Utter shock is all I can say. So now it falls to ME to go buy it. We got a hefty tax return this year and have been really good about not draining our savings during law school, so we decided we could afford it. At Costco you have to pay cash - they don't take Visa - so this is coming straight out of our checking accounts (gulp!). But here's the kicker: they only have one left, so I'm heading there this morning to buy it. Hopefully no one gets it before me. And - AND - I have to arrange for it to be transported to our house. Costco doesn't deliver. Mr. Chick left this morning to work and he'll be gone until tomorrow. So I have to figure out how to get this monstrosity trucked to our house. Costco told us they don't hold things for more than a day, so I'll be trying to take care of renting a truck or something, recruiting some big, beefy friends to help lift this thing, and also juggle the kids. Nice, huh? The things we won't do for a hottub! But how excited am I to have that in my backyard? You can't imagine. It has 60 jets, people! Pop-up speakers and CD player! OMG - I'm just going to have to be in there all the time. The kids can splash around in there by day, and Mr. Chick and I can "reconnect" by night. It's going to make studying for the Bar much, much more tolerable. Of course, our timing sucks because we're going to be moving in a few months, and now we'll have to figure out how to move this thing along with everything else. Oh well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, I'm going to be sipping cocktails and soaking my cares away in my super-deluxe spa all summer long. I can't wait!!

I loooove Coach bags. I swear you have to mortgage your house to buy the things though. I have one OK one -- it was really on sale and it was such a steal I got it, even though it isn't my favorite. I saw one I really wanted for Christmas -- but at $400 -- well, you know.


LOVE THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!
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