Monday, May 02, 2005

The Bar Method

I've just finished my 2nd workout using The Bar Method - Fat Free. Holy Mother of God, it totally kicked my ass! Like seriously kicked my ass. No joke. I had heard of this workout and tried to check it out from the library the other day. I'm at 26 days and counting until my sisters wedding - time to get serious. The library's copy was checked out for the forseeable future. Oh well, right? I mentioned this in passing to a friend of mine, and it turns out she happens to own her own copy of the DVD and loaned it to me. I did it for the first time yesterday and again just now. OH.MY.GOD. I'm totally sweating, yet I barely moved at all. I feel it, big time, in my legs and butt. It's very controlled, very non-impact, and very much isometric. It sculpts you (or so they promise, but from the way I feel I believe it). I've never been one to get much into workout tapes/DVD's. I get bored with them waayyy easily. And maybe I will with this one, too - it's too early to say for sure. But I have NEVER felt like this after a workout. My muscles were shaking from the effort. Shaking, people! I was dripping sweat. Dripping! All this from the tiniest of movements. No big arm waving, high kicking, or mock-punching going on. No funky dance steps or choreography to follow. Just simple, deep muscle, isolated movements that leave you breathless. Truly - I my heartrate was definitely elevated. Which is weird for me because I wasn't doing anything I would call aerobic. I guess I would say it's sort of a cross between Pilates and yoga. I've never been able to embrace yoga. And Pilates hasn't done it for me either in home-versions. I've been told it kicks ass when done in a Pilates studio, but who can afford that? This, my friends, works. It takes 45 minutes to do the whole workout, but it's over in the blink of an eye. At least so far. I've only done it twice. But (get this) I was looking forward to doing it again today. So, I'm going to be incorporating this workout on my non-swimming days. It says that if you do it regularly (3 times a week) you will start to see a noticeable difference in your body after just 10 workouts. Longer, leaner legs, a higher-sitting butt, and flatter abs. God, I sound like a paid spokesperson doing a bad infomercial! Gag! But really, I was just so astounded by this workout that I had to share. Go see if you can check out a copy at your local library and do it yourself and see if I'm bullshitting you.

I AM GOING TO WEAR THE SIZE 10 BRIDESMAID DRESS, DAMMIT! And not just that, I'm going to wear the HELL out of it! :)

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Good for you girl!!!! I bet you will be wearing the hell out of it!!!!
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