Tuesday, May 03, 2005

And he does windows, too

I think I must be hallucinating. I came home from dropping off Nicholas at preschool and going for a quick swim to find Lauren dressed and fed and Mr. Chick washing the windows! Hello - is this MY house?! He washed all the bedroom windows (the insides). He told me he was going to do the exterior later when he took off the storm windows. "ummm... ok. Great!" I was too stunned to give a truly coherent reply. And last night he gave me a drool-inducing foot, leg and butt massage - FOR AN HOUR! God, I LOVE that finals have ended and we're at the end of law school. I get my husband back! And he does windows.

You don't happen to rent out Mr. Chick, do you?


Didn't think so, but thought I'd ask anyway.
WHOA, an hour??? Good god you are one lucky girl. My boy starts complaining when he's been massaging for 2 minutes. Oh well, nothing else to complain about with him so I guess I'm lucky too.
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