Monday, April 25, 2005

Weight Check

Since I first reported my weight to you and my desire to shed a few (well, more than a few - more like 15-20 lbs...), I have lost a total of:


Nada, zip, zilch, goose egg, big fat nothing, 0. Zero, people. Aren't you impressed? Clearly, I suck. I guess this proves that you really DO have to stop eating that bit of ice cream after dinner every night, and forego the yummy glass (or 2) of wine with your spouse while cooking said dinner. Or, better yet, just simply give up the cheese, delicious cheese, that brings such satisfaction to meals or snacks. I guess the only silver lining is that I haven't gained anything. Why am I feeling that that fact isn't a consolation?

Dieting blows.

I really suck at it too for pretty much the same reasons!! Love the cheese, wine, and Coors Light!
I was commenting to a friend that my weight loss goal isn't all that skinny -- purley because I cannot possibly give up the foods I would have to in order to BE that skinny. I know in my old, advanced age of 32 that that is just not going to happen. Dieting blows, but I am at that advanced stage of pregnancy where I fantasize about joining Weight Watchers almost as much as I fantasize about the baby. Sick, sick, sick.

HA HA HA @ Jenn. I remember that. Then we started Weight Watchers, and I hate it.

You're right though, MP, as long as you're not gaining, you're ahead of the game!
I am a sucker for ice cream too. Love it. RJ is always finding unique flavors for us to try. Hang in there - at least you have not gained.
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