Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On the mend

Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes on a speedy recovery for Lauren. Thankfully, the barfing has stopped (knock on wood) and she seems to be fine. She was able to hold some some rice for dinner last night and has kept down a GoGurt and some string cheese today. She's still not eating much, compared to her normal self, but at least she's eating something and keeping it down. Even my cranky husband is feeling better today after getting to sleep in until after 9am this morning (lucky!) following a late night of studying and even later sex (luckier!). Oh how sex improves a man's outlook and mood, I swear - !

After more than 24 hrs of being within the 4 small walls of my house I need to bust out. So, I loaded up the kids and we went to Tiny Tots to play. I love Tiny Tots - it's been such a lifesaver for me for the past 3 years. I'm on the board of directors. We met up with a friend who came with us to the mall. I'm leaving for San Francisco in about 36 hrs and have a gift certificate to The Gap just burning a hole in my wallet. I thought it would be fun to pick up something new to wear in SF. I found this on sale ($14.99!) and bought it. Sometimes even the simplest, silliest thing can really lift your spirits. I figure it will look cute with my white or denim capri's for the daytime festivities in the City. We all know how chilly SF can get with all that fog.... Is anyone else completely disillusioned with The Gap? I like Sarah Jessica Parker and all, but for the past several years their stuff just hasn't seemed up to snuff. Lower quality, higher prices. Why would you EVER buy anything at full price when you know it will be put on clearance in a week or two? At least at Old Navy, the younger sister to The Gap, you pay less for the same lower quality stuff. But I digress...

So the kids ran around all morning, we grabbed lunch at Subway (trying to stay true to my better eating plan, just like Jared), and struck out finding soccer socks for the boys. Nicholas and his buddy start Tot Soccer tomorrow and we need the appropriate socks to go over the required shin guards. Youth soccer socks are apparently in short supply this time of year.... a mad rush to outfit all the future soccer stars, hoping their little one's will Bend It Like Beckham or something.
Now the kids are up and I'm getting ready to make a chicken pot pie for dinner. It's easy and everyone likes it. What are YOU having for dinner?

Glad she is on the mend!
Eck-- I was not around all week so missed that poor Lauren and your hubs were sick. :(
I LOVE that shirt and am seriously thinking about getting one for myself.;) I agree with you about the Gap. I have not been impressed at all with them in the last year. I think all the clothes are a bit plain and would rather go to Old Navy or other department stores.
Have you seen the Family collections over at Gymboree. There is a dress I am getting and then there is a matching one for Autumn and cute matching shirt for Alec!
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