Tuesday, April 05, 2005

(non)Geeky Chick

Ok, it's becoming quite clear that I'm am technically challenged in the ways of blogging. Big time. I mean, I KNOW I'm blogging on a basic site (I mean, it's FREE, people, how advanced can it be??) and I'm slowly figuring things out like how to post pictures, etc. I've just learned how to post more than one picture to an entry - bonus. And I've managed to add a (free) site counter. So clearly I can learn this stuff - it just takes me awhile to get the hang of it. But I can't quite seem to unravel the mystery of all those cute blog graphics (blog stickers? Is that what they're called?) that I see on a lot of blogs I visit. Where do those come from? How do you get them to appear on your blog? I also don't seem to be able to categorize my posts by topic - just by month (or whatever timeframe I specify). It seems as though I can't create a place where all my posts bitching about whatever - husband shortcomings, for example - is possible. That sucks. If nothing else, I like to be organized. So if anyone has some insights into these technical dilemmas and could shed some light for me, I would be one appreciative chick!

I feel embarrassed having to admit my (non) geeky status. I mean, I used to work for a high-tech company who created large-scale intranets and extranets for companies. It doesn't get more geeky, computer-based than that. But my job in this dot-com start-up was in the marketing department, not coding. I mean - HTML? I don't this so. I can generate very qualified leads for this stuff and make the company look good at tradeshows and in advertising, but to actually understand all that goes behind it? No, not me. Those people speak a totally different language. But now it's dawning on me that maybe I need to embrace the realm of the geek and learn myself some techno-speak. Coding, I mean. Or whatever I need to know to make my blog look cute, fun, and inviting. The way a blog from a creative marketing type of person should.

I should probably just get my 3.5 yr old son Nicholas to do this for me. He could probably bang it out in no time. He's already pretty proficient on the computer - it blows us away. He uses the mouse one-handed (and has since 2), knows the difference between right-click and left-click, and can launch an internet browser in order to click on "favorites" and scroll down to his websites to play games (he likes
this one, this one, and this one the best. Sometimes this one, too.). If we let him, he'd play on the computer for HOURS. We don't let him play that long. He gets sort of buggy if he's online too much. Sort of like certain adults I know.

YAY! I'm so glad you started a blog! I read your iP diary- I used to have a iP Precon diary. (KateF)

Can't wait to read more!

And hey, isn't your hubby finishing law school any day now??
Welcome to Blogworld, MP! I'm sooo glad you decided to start one up. You will grow to love it!

Love the Chick Chat name!!!!

Collin loves all the same sites and he, too, will sit on the pc forever if we'd let him. It's a great tool to use for bribing. ;)
Kate, of course I remember you from iP land! Glad you found me here. And yes, my husband is a mere 6 weeks away from graduation from law school!! Whooppee!! It's been a long road, but also a good one in a lot of ways. :) I'm actually going to miss the flexibility of his schedule he's had this year. Once he has to work a ton of hours as an attorney I'm sure I'll miss our student days....
Oh...and have you decided on the brazilian as a graduation present for hubby???? Hu? Hu? Have you? ;)
Hi mp, I got to your blog through Kelly. I just started a blog as well. I am more blog-challenged than you are. The following will prove it - I cannot figure out how to post a picture. Welcome to the blog world!
I've explained HTML for stickers in a fairly understandable way on my blog sticker site.


Then choose "Writing Codes for the Stickers."

Hope this helps! Look around to see if there are any stickers you like (or e-mail me and I'll make you one.) Oh, and welcome to blog world (Kel sent me.)

Jen - thanks!! I'm going to check out your sticker instructions right now and try to put them into action. I appreciate the help!!
Jen, just a quick note (in case you check back...) to say that your instructions worked beautifully and I've successfully added my first teeny-tiny sticker on my blog! I had to do a little tweaking to get the alignment correct (faked some HTML and voila!) and it worked! :) I'm a happy blogger.

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