Friday, April 29, 2005

No Deal

How do you help ease heavy disappointment felt by someone you love? Mr. Chick didn't get the job. He felt good after the 2nd interview - really good - but in the end they hired someone with 9 years of experience. How does he compete with someone who has 9 years already under their belt when he's an almost-grad? It was flattering to even be considered, but disappointing nonetheless when it didn't come through. Damn It! It would have be SOOO nice to have a job all wrapped up going into graduation. I feel bad for him. I know he wanted this. So the search continues, as best it can, in this tight market. I KNOW something will pop for him - something great - just not this something.

Sorry to hear this disappointing news for you and DH, MP. Like you said, though, something better will come along before you know it.

Have a good weekend!
I am sorry for this disappointment hon....Keep us posted on job hunt! Where was the location?
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